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  • slugga
    I want someone who will accept the fact that I work for a big corporation as a means to an end, and hang out in my jeans the rest of the time and ride my motorbike. Aggresive, assertive, materialistic types really do nothing for me

    Oh you need to hang out in the stair wells at DC's


  • ballistic

    hmmm, we could have opened a can of worms here. ;)

  • luna2
    Oh you need to hang out in the stair wells at DC's

    He'd have to put on a suit for that.

  • prophecor

    I'll call you extremely fortunate then, Terry. There are a bevy of decent women who would be more than willing to put up with you.

    Men, of some substance and character, at least those of the Baby Boomer Generation, are among the missing out here in the Wild, Wild West, and women are eagerly seeking out, persons such as yourself in droves.

    They're tiring of the shallow, always looking for themselves type of men who have no clue as to life, and If you're departed from a relationship with a "once upon a time was witness", then being armed with the knowledge and feelings that you have regarding the truth about "The Truth", you're in an even more luxurious position.

    You've likely, already worked thru the doubting and questioning period regarding your walk, or not walking, in your case, and no longer need to contend with that as an issue, along with trying to take on a relationship as well.

    For ex-witnesses, that's the greatest part of our lives to have worked out. If you've successfully navigated that area of your life, the rest should be a cakewalk.

    Unlike myself, I took on a relationship, that was pre-coming to know the truth about "The Truth", so every aspect of my socialisation's were built on my first having an unhealthy attitude towards myself, as I had yet to work out my no longer having the haunting past of a relationship with the WTB&TS. Depression, guilt and fear of the way I'd lived my life, affected every human relationship outside the truth, I'd ever had up until that point. They were all based upon how I viewed myself negatively, as it was I was no longer trying to serve Jehovah. As it stands now, I'm in a troubled relationship, as I was operating from the wrong reference point when taking one on. It's filled with a high degree of angst and strife, mostly because I was I'll equipped to take one on in the first place, as I was still operating in the mindset of a worse than dead Jehovah's Witness, the unsaved, or even able to be saved.

    You, however, now may have the most pristine of slates to work from as you can now sift thru all the people that under other circumstances might filter through. Those who might be inordinately needy, clingy, all sorts of pretty, but personality problem women who might not be a good start for you. You can more keenly focus on who would be good for you, without a lot of the excess baggage of yours, or hers, hopefully, for that matter. Consider yourself in a good space. You're very fortunate to be able to start again.

    You likely wont need to look for them, they'll be able to find you, and quickly. You'll be emitting signals, and they'll immediately be able to hone in on it, like a Patriot Missile. You'll find you'll do just fine. Wish you well, and congratulations on your new life.

  • FairMind

    Terry, I was between marriages for twelve years. After the child support payments stopped (end of year six) I started looking for someone. Being an older person, as you may already know limits your field of choice but don’t become discouraged. Getting a date wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined and it won’t be for you either. Just keep in mind that the worst thing that can happen is you’ll be turned down (and this probably won’t happen as often as you might think). Use your friends to meet someone too, as they may know someone who is looking for a potential husband.

  • atypical

    How about take(or teach?) a class at a local college on critical thinking, philosophy, or something similar. You might meet others who share your interests and are wanting to learn more. In that case, you will have their respect as soon as they meet you because you have a lot of knowledge and ability in those areas.

    Just an idea!!

  • serendipity


    You might also consider You fill out a long questionare and it matches you with someone compatible based on 29 criteria.

    And surely there are some single apostababes here in Texas who'd be interested in you. I think there's an apostafest planned for May, you might check that out, if you are willing to deal with someone's exJW baggage.

    I wish you the best.

  • serendipity


    If a single woman wants to have children and be a stay-at-home Mom, she has to be interested in the man's income, and a car is a good indicator of income There are also women who want their mates to make around the same amount of money as they do because some (many) men can be insecure if their wives earn more money. Please don't dismiss all women who talk about this as being materialistic. It may be they are maternal- istic or just trying to prevent problems in a relationship.

  • Terry
    What about praying and attending your local ASSemblies?


  • Terry
    I came across your music one day on freeminds, it was great stuff! I'm sure you'll be albe to impress a few ladies with your talent

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Music says alot.

    It is a way of bringing together like-minded souls and of dividing out the no-no's!

    Music tastes are very personal! I think you can tell alot about people (even intellectually) by what corresponds to their emotional needs musically.

    But, then--I'm a crackpot; what do I know?


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