WalMart is Evil

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  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    WAL-MART Documentary Movie

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    "The free market functions effectively only when consumers have all the facts. A brilliant new film by Robert Greenwald tells the real story of the corrosive effects that Wal-Mart wreaks upon the communities in which it operates and the men and women it employs." -Rob Reiner

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    THE CRITICS ARE GLOWING! An "investigative outcry driven by stringent reporting rather than attitude." -Entertainment Weekly

    "An engrossing, muckraking documentary ... but if you're expecting an angry diatribe, you're going to be disappointed." -LA Times

    "By the final credits you may want to picket Sam Walton's grave." -Boston Globe

    TV: Today Show, CNBC, ABC News, Lou Dobbs and The Daily Show.Follow the drama in the movie blog, and Robert Greenwald's blog »


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    How Wal-Mart came to Haslett




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  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Boycott the Soviet Commie corporate whores like Wal-Mart who kill the small American family owned businesses who are the real contributors to the economy. Corporations have destroyed America and the world. They are pure evil and the degeneration of mankind.

  • Apostanator

    I'll always shop at Walmart. Hats off to Sam and his company for supplying and sending dozens of trailer loads of relief supplies to the victims of hurricaine Katrina before Fema got their head out of their ass.

  • nowisee

    the only reason i would ever shop at wal-mart is if i cannot find the product i want anywhere else at any price.

    i hate the greedy tactics of wal-mart, target, k-mart, etc, et al. one may THINK that you are saving $ at these establishments, but in the long run we will pay through the nose. at some point the s--t will hit the fan in this country. how many americans do they need to put out of work before the american public wakes up?

  • Robdar

    Yes, Walmart is evil, and I have a unique perspective. First, I used to work in the WalMart cult, and, yes, it also is a cult. Anyone want to actually see it, go to Bentonville, AR. The wives of the HQ people aren't "encouraged" to work and should stay home, raise babies and volunteer in the community to give Walmart a good name. You are "encouraged" to go to church (Christian only please), stay with the Walmart crowd, and in general, devote your life to the company. Forget raises or promotions if you don't. They pay and treat their employees with about as much respect as they show their consumers.

    Bullshit and hearsay.

  • still angry
    still angry

    Robdar -

    Hearsay constitutes a second hand report. It is not hearsay as I lived it. Perhaps because you live in this area you are accustomed to the Walmart Stepford wives, it is normal to you. I am only guessing at your reason. I find the entire Walmart way of life to be a joke and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Beep,Beep

    Why is Walmart "evil"?

    If Walmart has the best price for something, why should I pay more somewhere else?

    Living in a rural area, options are limited. I welcome Walmart to the area as it saves me not only on purchases, but also on gas and other travel expenses involved in going to other areas to shop.

    Please, I have seen the "horror stories" about how poorly Walmart treats their employees. Yet I know several people who work there and LOVE it. They paint a different picture from these "horror stories".

  • Jourles


    Watch it and then point out the errors....or truths.

  • FlyingHighNow
    how many americans do they need to put out of work before the american public wakes up?

    Do keep up with the news? Do you think Wal-mart is the only company who buys imports? What about all the major companies who are shipping whole factories over there and 1000's of jobs with them? Wal-mart is not the problem here. Government policy on foreign trade is the problem. Wal-mart is the big name scapegoat here. Don't be naive.

    As for small businesses, anyone who runs one knows they will not be able to compete with bigger companies who can buy in bulk. There are many reasons why small businesses fail. I won't apologize, I am not going to buy an Rx from the corner drugstore for $80 when I can buy it at Wal-mart for $35. Perhaps the corner drugstore needs to organize a co-op with other mom and pop pharmacies to buy in bulk and be able to lower their prices to compete.

    Andy's sister had a little gift shop that went out of business. It had nothing to do with Wal-mart. She bought expensive, higher line gift items and marked them up too much. She finally chose to close the store, rather than buy less expensive and more practical items and price them more reasonably. She's happier working for a company and not having the headache of paying for workman's comp and double social security taxes. She also has group heal insurance now-a-days.

  • Robdar

    Hearsay constitutes a second hand report. It is not hearsay as I lived it.

    By you reporting this to the forum, isn't that a second hand report?

    Perhaps because you live in this area you are accustomed to the Walmart Stepford wives, it is normal to you.

    You are not only uninformed about what is normal for me and where I live, you are uninformed about Walmart and sound like a disgruntled former employee with an ax to grind. I happen to know some of the people you are gabbing on about. I can't wait to tell them what you have to say.

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