Do you have a good job, a crappy job or are you self-employed (happily?)

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  • acadian



    Now I stay busy with my paper mache art.
    And a little bit of farming.

  • Elsewhere

    I consider myself to be extremely lucky to work where I do. It is a great company that actually does care about the personal and human issues we all have to deal with from time to time.

    The group I work with is also great. Everyone is good to everyone else and there is no squabbling or stupid office politics.

  • streets76

    Being raised a JW in the 70's, it's a wonder I can even tie my shoes, much less make a living. But I left in the mid 80's and was able to get an Associate's degree in IT and have been making a decent living ever since. Currently working on a BA.

  • Brigid

    Happily and very well compensated self-employed (actually I independently contract for a major company as a realtor). That is what I do for a living. But I am also an artist and it is so good to express myself freely. I recently illustrated a childrens book (my first paid artists job).



  • serendipity

    I've got a BS in Computer Science and have worked in several different IT jobs over the years. Most of the time, I've been intellectually challenged and paid well. Not thrilled about office politics though. Once I relieved myself of the perfectionism, I had much less stress and enjoyed the job much more. A few years ago I moved out of IT to become a project manager and have enjoyed that. I'm now in transition mode again, trying to figure out what my next job should be, so I can have more intellectual challenges. The current job is good, I like my manager and I enjoy the people I work with. I'm also paid VERY well. I give the job a 9 out of 10 on most days.

  • ferret

    Happily self employed and have been for 32 years. I could retire but enjoy it too much. Do all types of building maintenance and sub-contracting.

  • Kristofer

    working a crappy office job in a cubicle during the day but working on becoming self-employed which is what I do when I get out of here!

  • Jez

    I work in education and have for 17 years. I get 2 months off for summer, 2 weeks at xmas, 2 weeks at Spring break. I get paid 4 weeks holiday pay a year and collect UIC for the summer. I work only 6 hours a day and I LOVE IT.

    I am currently finishing a degree in linguistics and psychology.

    I am working on an invention.

    I do some farm work, construction, etc for $12.50 an hour (for my friends) in the summers, about 10 hours a week for some pocket money.

    I love being outside, I love physical activity and I don't know what the future will bring, but I will decide and not let life act on me. I truly believe in making my own reality.


  • rwagoner

    I am so lucky !!

    Not only do I have a 26+ year career in Law Enforcement that will give me a decent retirement but I worked the night shift for most of those years and it allowed me to get an education and establish my own business which is now nationally recognized.

    Take a peek if you'd like.....I am a Disability Policy Consultant.

  • Jourles

    First off, I thought my job was the best, that is until I read Low-Keys...bastard!

    But really, my job is my hobby. I've been in wireless telecommunications for around 14 years now and can't see myself doing anything else. I love technology and what I work on is always evolving and bleeding edge. Plus, it helps to work for the 2nd largest wireless company in the USA which is always striving to provide the best in cutting edge products and services. I work as a switch engineer in a bigass mobile switching office(MTSO) by myself most of the time. It's quiet and no one hassles me. The most stress I have is trying to figure out where to eat lunch. It is also one of those jobs where a degree means jack(unless you want to pursue upper mgmt), but I am seriously pondering on going back to school to finish what I started. Hell, my company pays $8k a year towards tuition, why not?

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