Were you a popular Witness?

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  • eyeslice

    I think so.

    Along with my family, we were always the last ones out of the Kingdom Hall - I locked up nearly every week. We had people round to tea every weekend or were invited out.

    As an elder, I was considered reasonable and was always the one that people preferred to speak to, rather than the hardliners.

    Everyone was totally shocked when I simpled stopped attending the meetings. No fading - just decided one day never to set foot in our Kingdom Hall every again.


  • zeroday

    I was never popular. In 28 years never made elder, ms, pioneer just didn't reach out. I could never kiss up to the "IN" crowd. It seemed like such a chore to talk to these people. It got to the point to where if I didn't carry the conversation it died with that awkward silence then with a rushed "ok I'll see you later". Towards the end I just couldn't relate to these people. I would sit there at the hall watching these people, always sitting in the same chair, making the same comments they seemed so dead.

    We has a new elder move in from another hall for 1.5 years since he arrived he never spoke to me or approached me at all, so I don't believe I was very popular.

  • Nowman

    Yes, but did not know that I was...as I started getting older in the org especially during my teenage years, I would have people coming up to me saying things like, I used to hate you because of this and that (do not really want to post what they said because it would sound as if I was tooting my own horn, you know)....I am very friendly and like people very much. But, at that time, my friends that I thought were true were not...I can truly say that it took until now (I am 31) to say that I have a true group of girlfriends now....but that is attributed to the fact that I went to 13 different schools, and 5 different congregations growing up....so I kinda always moved around until 1998 (when I moved back to Illinois from Colorado), I ve been in the same place for 8 years now, which is triple the longest place I ever lived. My parents were so called "strong in the truth", but behind closed doors it was different. Everyone thought I was the perfect little spirtual daughter...but I led a good double life, I was a good actress...Ha.

    I always was very social...we always had gatherings at our house...plus I was always boy crazy...Going to get togethers was an escape from my parents....I could go on and on...

  • boy@crossroads
    [email protected]

    Probably in the A group if u asked the average witness. But to answer your question brigid. yes, i have had a tougher time being popular in the "world" than in the witnesses.

    As a witness I had all the right things from birth on to be integrated into the social club. Multi-generational witness family ties, elder father, zealous spiritual mother.

    I was a social butterfly.....navigating through the various social cliques (rejects, pretty popular, geek chic, ) with ease. I never ever gossiped about people, and i could always find an interesting topic to bring up in conversation. I was an easy person to get a along with and i would say that i had a lot of friends.

    After i left i feel i was very skeptical of people, i was very defensive. and If theres one thing i've learned its that you can't really make friends and be popular if your hiding something. This is something i have to continually struggle with. But i am getting better.

  • caligirl

    Nope. I never sought to "excel" in the congregation, never pioneered, never expressed the slightest interest in even making the minimum requirements. I definitely didn't surprise anyone by leaving!

  • dabatgaly

    i was popular with people who had a heart same as i loved people who reflected jesus love , but i wasn't popular with the hardcore lovers of the org , the feeling was mutual i remember thinking id rather be dead than in any kind of paradise with them for eternity, or mabey if they were on a different continent.

  • Golf

    I was popular for being a pain in the ass does that count? No, I wasn't into such vain contest. On the other hand, sports was my thing.


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