Were you a popular Witness?

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  • moshe

    I was not very popular, until someone needed a free electrician or car mechanic, A/C repairman, plumber,roofer,

    a free loaner car,etc. The witnesses are some of the biggest freeloaders ever.



  • evita

    I don't know if I was considered "popular" but I sure tried hard. My mom was single with three kids and we were poor. Not a good start, but I was friendly and had had an interesting childhood before becoming a dub which made me somewhat of a curiosity. There were very few teens and we weren't allowed to group together without adults. I was considered bad association for the elders kids because of my far-out hippie childhood. My mom was mostly interested in the "lowly ones"; the very spiritual, the elderly, and the sick. She didn't care about popularity.

    Our congo consisted of the "inner circle" made up of elders and their families and anyone they were trying to encourage in "the truth". They went out in FS together, out to dinner, and on vacations. We were rarely invited at this level and I felt very excluded by this group since I was a young wannabe.

    Then came the MS and their families. I hung out with them as a teenager because they were young and fun. They also knew what it was like to struggle; many were recent converts with families to support and lots of cong. responsibilities. Not well-established holier-than-thou elders. Some of the wives were not much older than I and we did alot together.

    Then I graduated from HS and had to get a job. I think I was pretty cute back then but no witness guys were interested. I grew up and away from the congregation and became a nobody. A couple years later I successfully faded. None of my "friendships" continued.

    Do I miss it? Sometimes I miss the camraderie of feeling we were part of a special group. We were young and we had the "truth". But the real world collided with the fantasy. As I matured and realized the truth about the truth. the whole thing became very boring and routine. I had grown but everyone else seemed stuck and I had to get out.

    Even out here in the world, popularity is an ever-shifting concept. Some years are booming with lots of friends and social activities. Other years are quieter.


  • jojochan

    Me?...not really. I always felt stupid following a certain click of dubs back in the day. I made my OWN crowd, not follow one. It all seemed silly to me. Such a small world, especially when the elite dubs were concerned. I was the one that never kissed ass to get what I wanted while in the collective. In short... I grew a personality, which hardly existed in the collective.

    Guess that's why it never really stuck with me now.


  • damselfly

    Only with the boys, the girls didn't care. Meaningless anyway I knew I wouldn't be there forever.


  • jojochan
    I was not very popular, until someone needed a free electrician or car mechanic, A/C repairman, plumber,roofer,

    a free loaner car,etc. The witnesses are some of the biggest freeloaders ever.


    That is soooo true. When THEY needed something, they came running to my pop. TO this day it pissed me off that he did'nt charge them for the work that he did for them. These are the same people now; if they were to see him on the street, they would walk ACROSS the street to avoid him.

    ...spritual paradise


  • serendipity

    I''ve never been popular socially, too introverted and nonconformist for that. However, in school or at work if people needed help with a vexing problem, I became popular.

  • liquidsky

    In the interest of my armchair study, do you find that you were/are popular among "worldlings"?


    I would'nt say popular, but I certainly had more wordly friends then JW friends. I prefer to not have alot friends. I don't like the stress.

  • Honesty

    A lot more so then than now with the Witnesses.

    I thank God every day that I now have real friends who accept me as I am.

  • rimbaudbunuel

    I was voted most popular in the JW yearbook 1999.

  • lola28

    LOL Jonathan, so was I, on the 02 year book.


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