Were you a popular Witness?

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  • IMustBreakAway
    Dear Imustbreakaway,

    Have you ever heard of the SCA or Society for Creative Anacronisms (sp)? I'm just judging your avatar. Depending on your hobbies and interests, you may find "your kind" among them (again, just judging from your avatar).

    Everyone has a pod.



    Thanks for the thoughts. I have done some renfests but my avatar is really just a joke, it was the first red-beared viking i could find. I have always enjoyed ren-fests but was discouraged as a child.. (big suprise) Might look into it again..

  • JH

    I was popular when it was time to pick up people in my car.

  • misspeaches

    This is an interesting question…

    I grew up in a congregation with my siblings and mother. Dad never was a JW and so we were excluded from practically everything. I had zero friends. As a kid that can be pretty crushing but I did learn how to be independent. Look for new interests that sort of thing. But I did become awfully shy from it too.

    At 21 I moved to a new congregation away from everyone I knew. It took a few months but before I knew it I was right in the social hub. I learnt pretty quickly that there were quite a lot of popular JWs that I really was not interested in trying to maintain friendships with. But I did make a few very good friends and we hung out a lot.

    Yes I miss them very much too. Although me moving on and starting a life away from the religon was my choice I will still have moments of sadness when I remember the great times we shared. I’d love to keep in contact with them still but they can’t help but try and get me to come back to meetings or start a study that sort of thing. So for my own sanity I keep my distance.

  • slugga

    Na I figure I was known as a BA, not because of anything I did, more because who I hung out with. My Congregation was split with all the younger families in the newer part of town going to one side and the oldies and a few young ones like myself going to the other. The split got rid of a lot of young stragglers and left just a handful of late teens behind with this Huge generation gap. We had no one to look up to no spiritual role models so we coasted along. We messed about after meetings, went out drinking and always seemed to be around the bad stuff that happened.

    Once my mates fell away or moved away I was just me a handful of the under 12's and a lot of 50 somethings. I had loads of privileges mainly cos there was no one else but I'd never be invited to social events and I could sit at a BS and not speak to anyone all night.

    We had a running joke that no one at the hall liked us and that they'd make sisters Ms way before they'd even think of us but I was gutted when my best mate (The Ring leader and in my mind worse spiritually than me) said he couldn't invite me to his wedding / wedding reception because his new wife thought I was a BA.

    I think your face has to fit within the org, if your not in one of the big families down the hall, if your not an Elder or Ms then you can end up feeling very lonely and out of place.

    If you're a single adult in the truth you might as well just forget it and leave or you will end up very very lonely

  • BluesBrother

    I was fully involved, and busy - as secretary and book study conductor etc, Does that make you popular? No .

    Among the elders I always felt like a "square peg in a round hole" I just never thought the same way that they did.

    When we lived in theSouth I was more popular than latterly. People had known me for years . When we left, some of the congo, not the elders, said some very nice things that may me feel that what I had done had been appreciated. When we came up here to the Midlands , I was viewed as that 'smart alec' from the South by both the elders and the flock . We were even accused of apostasy long before I had any serious doubts.

    When I did stop serving, I could almost hear the tut tuts, "See, I told you so"

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I don't know that I'd use the word "popular". I was never interested in being "popular". My dad was inactive for many many years. I think that kept me somewhat on the outside. I have always avoided the so called "in" crowd. Usually when people would say I should get to know so and so - they are a really spiritual family etc - I ran in the other direction. I had only one really good friend growing up until my early teens, when we moved. I made lots of "friends" with people, but it wasn't lasting. I don't keep in touch with any of them anymore.

    I was always invited to parties, get togethers or what ever you want to call it. I always went out in service, answered at meetings etc. When I got married and we moved to other cities, we usually fit in great and had a good social life in the cong. But I realized that it was all superficial, even before I started to fade.


  • G Money
    G Money

    I was a rebel but popular and went to the parties and sports events. I was also popular among the sisters and kept getting in trouble for that. This was in the English and Spanish halls. jejeje

  • stillajwexelder

    Stilla, Again, I have to know. Do you like it? Do you actually enjoy their company? I ask honestly. I did attend a few get togethers. B-O-R-I-N-G. Only in my opinion. I acknowledge that the things and conversations that I have with people, others would not enjoy. Do you think that there are people like me that were never meant to be witnesses and we could feel it from the beginning of our social maturation? ~Brigid

    Do you like it? I Dont dislike it - sorry for the double negative

    Do you actually enjoy their company? Some of them yes

    Do you think that there are people like me that were never meant to be witnesses and we could feel it from the beginning of our social maturation? With 20/20 hindsight yes

  • greendawn

    I found the dubs were not very friendly so I never really cared about them, then I began to have questions on their dogmas and that of course doesn't make you popular.

  • gaiagirl

    Oh yes! Brothers and sisters seemed to enjoy my association eqally well. Was regularly invited on dates, and to slumber parties at other sisters homes. Not much different now except the names.

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