Going to the Circuit Ass this weekend

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  • jgnat

    White noise. I find the assemblies to be excellent white noise. I am fully entertained with a pencil and a blank notebook.

    People watching is always good. Find the fringers and teenagers on the top bleachers. Watch the ushers try and corral them. Observe the parents with young children. In the afternoon count sleepers.

    Justita, there's enough fluff in the talks for me to people watch, create a six month workplan, write down all the scriptures, AND write three more chapters in my book.

  • JAVA

    Keep track of the number of times "guilt" and/or "fear" is used to:

    1. increase hours
    2. increase meeting attendance
    3. increase ways of "reaching out" in congregation

    Keep track of the number of times you are encouraged to be like Jesus and show "kindness to all."

  • Berean

    Read "Crisis of Conscience" during the meeting.

    Make sure that everyone around sees the title.

    Don't worry about going anymore.

  • daniel-p

    Sudoku puzzles. And bring a laptop so you can surf the web and report to JWD back at the motel.

  • ColdRedRain

    2 Words. Bullshit Bingo.

  • kid-A

    How about not going?

    Life is precious. Our time is limited. Dont waste it listening to that BS. Go for a walk in a forest, read some great literature, go to a play, but dont go there.

  • purplesofa

    Sing the songs in different accents........that makes them a little more tolerable......try not to laugh.

    Take a few bandaids(don't tell your wife) and leave to the bathroom..............but stay gone a long long time............come back with your finger badaged up .....explaining that FirstAid was full.

    Take binoculars and look for anyone........anything interesting. Look at all the flowers and plants around the stage.........

    Tell your wife you need a closer look at the carpet and baptismal pool as you may want to purchase them........and take a trip around the place so you can get away.

    take your IPOD and tell everyone you have to listen on the raido to the assembly, but jam out to some good Rock-n-Roll.

    Spill something all over your jacket right before the end of lunch and spend the first afternoon talk in the halls drying out!!!!

    I always leave early cuz I don't feel well, or I am sleepy and the drive home is so long.

    Say you are going to the bathroom and stay gone long time and tell your wife someone needed your help moving some chairs or something...........

    Heck use your imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but whatever you do............don't do the rat thing Elsewhere suggested..........!!!!!!


    Have a blast!!!!

  • bigmouth

    take a small water pistol and squirt people quickly before hiding it again. Pretend to sneeze and lightly squirt the person in front of you.

  • ColdRedRain

    If you don't know what bullshit bingo is, look it up on this URL


  • bonnzo

    my new cell phone has a lot of good games, and internet!!

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