Going to the Circuit Ass this weekend

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    Need some suggestions on what I can do mentally, or physically if applicable, to pass the time. I actually thought of having another kid just so I'd have an excuse to walk around and not listen to the crap but of course they dont announce the assemblies 9 mos in advance normally. Any ideas?

  • Dune

    You too? i've been praying for weeks that it'll snow this weekend. but its not coming :-(. I'm bringing my Math Homework. (Gotta do something productive :-p).

  • lucifer

    print off little crossword puzzles small enough to fit in your bible

  • blondie
    print off little crossword puzzles small enough to fit in your bible

    I was thinking that.

  • joelbear

    don't go, do something you enjoy instead. life's too short

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    In your notebook, put a mark everytime they say jehovah.

  • Elsewhere

    If you don't want to stay at the assembly, just bring a fake rat filled with fake blood. In middle of a session slit the fake rat's neck and start drinking the "blood"... ensure you drool lots of "blood" all over yourself.

  • willyloman

    On Thursday, start getting the sniffles and go buy a whole bunch of cold medicine at the drug store -- display this prominently on the kitchen counter or someplace like that and proclaim loudly to all in the house: "I certainly do not want to get sick and miss the assembly this weekend. I'm going to load up on NyQuil (or whatever)."

    On Friday, start coughing every five minutes when others are around. When no one's looking, pinch your nose so it turns red.

    On Friday night, have a coughing fit at bedtime, get up and go into the other room "to get some more medicine." Stay up until 2:30 a.m. watching TV, coughing every few minutes. Say you "just can't sleep."

    In the morning, say you can't get out of bed, you're sick and exhausted. "Y'all go without me, and take plenty of notes so I can be encouraged when you return."

    Your reward: Two glorious days home alone without a dub in sight!

  • Bstndance

    Sudoku!! That's always fun.

    Or if you want more of a challenge try Kakuro. They usually have a variety of books at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble.

    I used to try to get coat room duty during the assembly so I wouldn't have to sit around and try to stay awake.

  • Cellist

    Take notes with the purpose of posting the "interesting" tidbits here.


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