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  • unclebruce

    Dear Slugga,

    Attractive as you are, O knight in oxidised armour .. I am not, never have and never will be come'n on to you! Not even if you were the last scotsman on earth! sheesh .. just because we spent a night under a bed together hiding from a rampaging poofter ...Jezus .. has the world gone gay?!

    manly handshake, unc

    ps: sorry if all this wombat talk caused movement in your sporren.

  • slugga

    Oh I know ALL about wombats and gonads from my Ranger Matt days

  • unclebruce

    Wow .. that's great .. hardly anyone in Australia knows anything about wombats or their gonads (till recently they'd never been filmed mating in the wild).

    We gotta swap some stories one day. Maybe go camping together? lol

    Seriously Matthew - If ever you're anywhere near Australia, you're welcome to stay a week or so at my place. This corner of oz is a great part of the world. I'll give you the tour of a lifetime.

    Now write this down in case I go walkabout and we lose touch.

    Lee Freeman

    PO Box 660

    Bega NSW



    PH: 0428 399 086

  • slugga

    Might take you up on that (then you'll be sorry) lol

    I doubt the fauna down in your part of the countrys gonna be better than what the Daintree had / has to offer though but it might be a laugh if nothing else.

    I just hope the town doesn't smell of cheese


  • unclebruce

    There are no wombats in the Daintree slugga, or koalas? or powerful owls or sea eagles or tiger snakes or spotted quolls or potoroos or swamp wallaby's or wallaroos or pygmy possums or sugar gliders or pharsagales or golden tiped bats or ..mmm I think they do have flying foxes but the biggest colony in the world is down here near me (over 50,000) Lyrebirds .. wonga pidgeons, death adders, giant lace monitors, water dragons, spotted owls, powerful owls, sooty owls, boobook owls, tawny frog mouths, kookaburras ..and this is just at my place ..

    unc who has his own private rainforest (its actually a called dry rainforest)

    ps: yes, Bega smells of cheese but I only collect mail from there .. my place is isolated but looks out over the sapphire sea

  • slugga

    Re all those animals in the daintree.... no, the crocs ate them all


    Got lots of wild pig though thanks to Capt Cook

    They've got the bats up there, sea eagles, night jars, Cassowaries (you've not lived till you've seen one of those in the wild) salties sea snakes a whole gamete of amphibians, Geckos sea turtles (some sleazy aboriginal on hearing my accent offered to take me fishing for turtles for a price because he had hunting rights, i told him to fook offf), barramundi blah blah blah.

    Ive done dry rain forests in Victoria, nowhere near as exciting as the wet ones though unless yer into ferns.

    The herpetological stuff round your place sounds really interesting though...

  • unclebruce

    .. never been to far north Qld but spent some time in the wilds of Papua and New Guinea (trump your casowary with a bird of paradise .. well Ok it was dead and offered for sale at a villiage market

    The dry scolipheral forests down here support less insects than a tropical rainforest but a much more diverse and incredable array of unique flora and fauna ..from echidnas & platypus to wombats and lyrebirds. If you just pass though you'd have trouble believing it. We have the worlds biggest hardwood trees (mountain ash - almost as tall as Californian redwoods but thick all the way up).

    The animals down here grow bigger than anywhere else too. World record size eels, giant lace monitors (almost the size of komodo dragons) No one knows why but even the Pelicans grow to 8Kg (1Kg bigger than anywhere else) On my place are a number of endangered species. Red Breasted Black cockatoos, Golden gliders... There are less than 200 Powerful Owls left in the wild. They're scary beasts, stand 2ft tall and are
    the worlds largest owl and I'm lucky enough to have a nesting pair.

    Another unique creature is the golden tipped bat which has a symbiotic relationship with a small bird (the brown warbler) The warbler makes a pendulous nest 1.2 metres above a creek bed. At night the bird roosts on its eggs while during the day 1 or 2 of these insectivorous bats roost under the eggs keeping them warm.

    There is another symbiotic relationship between the potoroo, a large tree and a fungus .. if any one of them dies in a given area all three die.

    Herpetalogical - yes this ain't called death adder country for nothing (australias answer to the rattlesnake but silent).

    geez, I thought you were a practical bloke, unc

    ps: you shoulda said you were in the area - we coulda sipped tea at greencape lighthouse and sampled cheeze & stuff

  • greendawn

    By a spirit of meekness and an indifference to the elements of this world as they look forward to the future heavenly city, "do not gather treasures on earth but in heavens."

  • slugga

    What do i wanna go stay at greencape lighthouse for. It looks like the shetlands

  • unclebruce

    So you don't give a shit about the natural world eh GD?

    F#@%! this planet another's on its way

    enviro unc who's hoping for a green dawn

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