Those announced as "no longer regular pioneers"

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  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah but come on, three ladies in one week stepping down for family reasons? I'm with Stilla - years of time in cosy cars together, sharing return visits and gossiping... it was all going to get to them eventually. :D

    Or maybe the two whose family has been d'd have decided to stay in touch with their family member, and the other was the one who got them d'd!

    Ah slander. It's just too easy.

  • trevor

    Sometimes resigning from Pioneering is a statement of discontent.

    In one affluent congregation there were four Pioneers including me. There was a pecking order based on wealth, pioneers were at the bottom of the heap. We received no encouragement or support from the full time workers. On summer bank holiday weekends they would be off on holiday while we carried on trying to get our hours in.

    We were flat broke, hungry and disillusioned. We decided we had had enough and all four of us resigned as pioneers in one go.

    The announcement was duly made. We had hoped that we would be asked for our reasons and our protest would have some impact but not one elder asked. I moved away to a much friendlier congregation. Over the next few years many members left of moved away. A few years later the congregation had halved in size.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    My guess is they did something that got them in troubble. I've never heard of it being announced that people where no longer Pioneers.

  • rekless

    4. Maybe the sister was caught "padding" her field service time slip. If padding the hours would be grounds for removing a pioneers then there would not be any regular publishers. everyone counted their donut break, traveling to and from territory. Reading into a removal starts rumors and ruin peoples reputations. With that said I"d just say theu are sick and tired of the BS that comes with the position, gas prices, cheat ass Brothers and Sisters that go out with them that don't chip in 25 cents don't put mucg gas in the tank.

  • Mary
    What reasons are there that a sister would be announced "no longer a regular pioneer?"

    Hmmmm.........lots of reasons:

    1. Maybe they bought a 2-door car
    2. Maybe they discovered this website
    3. Maybe they weren't showing proper submission to hubby
    4. Maybe they realized that pioneering doesn't pay bills
    5. Maybe they realize that they would like to have more than 5 cents left over at the end of the week and then want to get a secular job
    6. Maybe they're tired and bored with knocking on strangers doors telling them the Big A is comin' to get them
    7. Maybe they want a life
    8. Maybe they found out about the UN scandal
    9. Maybe they found out there's a pedophile problem within the Organization
    10. Maybe they've grown a brain and realize the futility of pioneering.
  • AlmostAtheist

    When I've heard it announced (the last one I heard was years ago) it's always worded, "Brother So-and-So has been removed from the pioneer list" and it sounded awful! But then you'd find out it was for not-awful reasons. The announcement is (or was) unnecessarily harsh-sounding.

    3 such announcements together is suspicious, but who knows? Did they all work for the same place and get downsized?


  • kristyann

    Is this common? I didn't even know that they made announcments like this... to announce that someone is no longer a regular pioneer. How often does that happen?

  • LDH

    When I was announced as 'NLRP' it was because I missed my yearly time target by less than ten hours.

    I know I could have fudged it and no one would have known, but I wanted to be honest.

    Ken McCarthy and I can't remember who else, couldn't WAIT to make that announcment.

  • Elsewhere

    Maybe they just got tired of the drudgery.

  • daniel-p

    Well, I guess it varies from cong. to cong., I just thought you wern't supposed to announce it when a pioneer went off the list. I went off the list like 4 different times and they never pulled that with me. Regardless, they must of did something 'really bad' to get removed like that! I wonder if they just went round to tanning salons out in service and ate smoothies.

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