Those announced as "no longer regular pioneers"

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  • stillAwitness

    Spectre: I need more info....are they hot? Typicl man. Well maybe it was just personal reasons. I never heard a local needs talk afterwards so maybe it was nothing too major.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    When I came off it was down to ill - health, and that was what was announced at the time. I have known some step down for family reasons, and a couple who were removed for bad conduct. Both of them left the wts within a month of being removed.

  • blondie

    There are many reasons why someone could quit pioneering. The worst one would be that they were privately reproved. But most likely it is they asked to be taken off the list for personal reasons, i.e., serious health reasons, change in financial situation and having to work more hours, having to look after a sick relative, or even just discouraged and way behind in their hours with no likelihood of catching up. Many BOEs try to make it innocuous when elders or pioneers leave the rank so that the congregation doesn't look bad. They CYA to protect themselves not the elders or the pioneers. Actually, I would think it in poor taste to try and "dig up" any "dirt" and/or spread it around. I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Blondie

  • Berean

    "Typical Man" ... you are right ... OK ... by the way - are they HOT or not?

  • daniel-p

    "1. Maybe the sister could not do the required 90+ hours a month and informed her elders."

    In this case, an anouncement would not be made and likley not for any of the other reasons as well. Typically, announcements are never made regarding pioneers going off the list.

  • blondie

    That's interesting, daniel-p, about their not announcing pioneers going off the list. I have only been away from the meetings about 4 years and they were still doing it then in the congregations in my area. Maybe they feel it would be too discouraging. How they would keep it a secret forever, I wonder and if someone were publicly reproved, wouldn't they have to announce they were no longer a pioner or is it just assumed? Blondie

  • onesong

    Yeah -- are they hot???

    Did the elder blush when he made the announcement?

  • unclebruce
    Coincidence? Or possibly they were caught in some freaky-deaky 3 way love fest?

    Typical hot chic .. everything's about sex ..

    Maybe they just weren't up to 60 hours/ month with cappicino breaks every hour and a half? ...back when I was a JDubski Pioneer it meant slaving over a hot bicycle 100 hours/ month .. 10 hour days of relentless doorknocking with a sandwich break at midday @ a cold milkshake if you were lucky - back in my day.....

    old fartunc

  • daniel-p


    I know for sure they no longer announce pioneers going off the list, so they likely did it in this instance due to some "wrongdoing" on the pioneers part as part of some private reproof.

  • FairMind

    daniel-p, I'm not so sure your'e correct. We have had many in our congrgation come of the pioneer list and it is always announced. Most times I have found out that economics played the role in their stepping down. The announcment is never that the pioneer has been "removed" but that they are "coming off" the list.

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