What Went Thru Your Mind While Sitting at The Meetings?

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  • lonelysheep

    "I wish these kids would take a nap....I know I want to."


    How much I hated my life because I could never do enough for jehovah

    Jealousy.....I was jealous of every woman there w/her husband (mine was an 'ubm')

    "Could he read just a little faster, pleeeease! We're adults!"

    "If a man approaches me, I'm going for it, b/c I need a spiritual brother in my life."

    "I'm missing my Giants for this!!!"

    "We're still better than everyone else cuz we've got jehovah...na na na na!"

    "607BC and what.....?"

    "Hmmm, why wasn't I invited to Sister So-n-So's graduation party?"

    "One day, I'll show them apostates who's got the troof!"

  • minimus

    There was a guy that used to sit at the meetings waving off the "demons" and he'd make noises like sounds of being punched.....It was very cool.

  • mariposa

    Every once in a while I'd listen to what was being said, but it didn't last long. I always remember thinking what else I couuld be doing. We'd write notes back and forth....what do think of sister x's dress, where is bro.z today?, where do you want to eat after the meeting? etc, etc.. I used to draw pictures in the Watchtower during the study.

    I found one of my notebooks from an assembly a few weeks ago and there were so many little notes all over the margins. Man, I think we talked more about the guys than anything else

    When I started to go to Spanish meetings, I didn't understand a damn thing. It was great, I didn't have to comment cause I couldn't!!! hahaha

  • wednesday

    1. spaced out
    2. man this panty girdle is killing me
    3. Gee, I wonder if I locked the front door?

      lol... Seinfeld

      spaced out,
    4. if that brother calls them the shit-ites one more time I swear I will LOL
    5. oh bro horney toad just looked at me, he noticed the sweater, in your dreams toad.

      gawd this sweater looks great on me, and what a great find, I love these shoes too. maybe I shoud go by and pick up another pair in black

      ummm bro and sister married but don't sit together are here, man what is their thing? they can't sit by each other at meetings?bet they hate each other

      man I'm getting a headache, all the glue on this cheap carpet.mixed with all the perfume/aftershave is making me dizzy.
    6. Uh oh, what page is everyone on again? got to answer at least one question

    7. Darn, they've only gone through two pages.

    8. this is the most boring study article ever, I mean , what are the chances I'll remember it?
    9. oh sister sick a lot is here, thank you jesus, I can get up and go stand in the back and we can talk. she stands back there the whole meeting too bet she knows all the latest gossip
    10. oh man, Bro Delivers a Sermon with his prayer is doing the closing prayer. man, I'm sittng this one out

    1. End of the world any day now....yada yada yada

    2. man these cheap pantyhose are caught in my crotch again. wonder if I can make an adjustment without anyone noticing?

      Thank you Dear God, it is over, now if I can get out of here. Mexican food ummm
  • Effervescent

    I liked to read Song of Solomon... pretty exciting stuff for a sheltered preteen.

  • Honesty

    Who really is the Faithful Discreet Slave?

  • Dismembered


    Oh brother, what the hell is that guy doing here. Must be there's nothing good on tv.

    Please don't call on her again.

    Let see how long his prayer will be this time. Looking at watch instead of closing eyes and listening. Shit 4 mins. He just gave a talk damn it!

    Put your damn hand down, we've heard enough from you.

    I'm starved What for lunch hun? shhh says my wife

    wife holds nose after my farting. I tell her to stop, someone will see her, and the brown cloud we are sitting in.

    No I'm not making any copies of the talk for Sister Shut-In

    Why don't you pay for your magazines for once.

    How on earth could his wife kiss him, his teeth are green, and he smells right through his suitcoat

    Here comes that robot again Dismembered

  • minimus

    ....this is a good thread! The prayer thing drove me NUTS! And the one that would give the longest prayers were the ones who always were asked when the meeting was already overtime.

  • skyman

    There was times I would get up and walk to the back if a brother went over to long I always set in the front to set a good example. Everyone know what I was going to do. I would point at the clock in the back of the hall so the speaker would get get the point and end the meeting.

  • caligirl

    Well, the most prominent was likely "Oh God when will this be over? I am so &*^%$^%^&^ BORED!"

    On Tuesdays, it was " I hope that everyone leavesquickly because I don't want to miss Roseanne!" We were not allowed to turn on the TV until everyone left. I don't think the door even had a chance to click shut behind the last person before the TV was switching on!

    For all other meetings, see the first one.

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