What Went Thru Your Mind While Sitting at The Meetings?

by minimus 73 Replies latest jw friends

    Sunday mornings......I remember giving a Public Talk sooooo hung over! i left right after the talk

    Minimus that is terrible... I would at least wait until I got home from giving my public talks (yes I also always ditch the WT when I travel to give the talk) to drink down 4 shots of Jack and a sam adams boston lager.

  • minimus

    I remember that I could smell my own booze breath too. I had mints and gum before I went up on the platform...felt nauseaous too. Blhhhh.

  • lucifer

    I think we all mastered sleeping with our eyes open

  • IP_SEC
    I remember giving a Public Talk sooooo hung over!

    Oh gawd, I had a pt at a friends congo out of town so I stayed the night before at his house. We got falling down, puking drunk. That was the worst talk ever.

  • theredhead

    Wonder when this is going to be over so I can go home and do my damn homework....

    Thinking to myself, how can I get to the back of the hall and leave without anyone talking to me...

    Trying to be one of the first there so I can sit near they very back.

    And of course Blah, Blah, Jehovah, Blah Blah BLah, dont do this, blah blah,

  • DigitalFokus

    This is a perfect time to go take a dump. thats what went through my mind.

    how can I get to the back of the hall and leave without anyone talking to me..

    This is exactly what I try to do now, I actually stand behind during the meeting and plot which side I will go down so as to avoid the most people. Fortunately the wife and kids are tired so she has no problem supporting me on this. I am hoping eventually the other elders will ask me about it so that I can give them my speel about how I want to step aside because my family needs me. The PO had to actually chase me out rather quickly once and wasnt to pleased. Ehhh screw him!

  • Check_Your_Premises

    Actually I think this thread might be more entertaining with a before and after you realized it was bs type thing.

  • minimus

    None of the responses sound like they come from true believers.

  • still angry
    still angry

    LOL, this is a great thread! My brother and I were huge Motley Crue fans (hey, it was the eighties) and we would write the lyrics to "Shout at the Devil" in the margins of our bibles to tick my mom off. She actually whaled on my brother when he was 17?, in the back of the hall because he drew an upside down pentagram in his song book. After that, she'd confiscate all writing instruments when we sat down, so I'd daydream about anything and everything. I had quite a lot of fun winking at young bros that were hot and heavy with some pioneer chick and make 'em blush so their girlfriends would get all pissy. It was truly all in the timing so that both were looking at me when I winked and gave the "come hither" look. God, I must of broke up at least five or six couples just by being saucy! How Fun! And really, what a sad existence for all.

    If nothing exciting was going on, I'd basically slide into a semi-coma and try to figure out how I was going to get out of the house Friday and Saturday night.

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