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  • codeblue

    I agree with Scully and Coffee_black

    no religion can be "right"

  • serendipity

    HI Bonnzo,

    lol @ "Speculate on Daniel's prophecy"

    Is this your question?

    i do agree wholeheartedly with neutrality regarding warfare. my question is to some, such as honesty, who have joined other churches, is how can you justify christian involvement in war, esp. in light of jesus' word at matt26:52: "those who take the sword, perish by the sword"?
  • mrsjones5
    I don't think anyone 'goes' from JW to another organized religion overnight. At least, not in my experience. People leave over various issues, and I know I didn't have ANY use for religion for several years. It wasn't until I started yearning for something else that I was open enough to even consider 'somewhere else'.

    Life's a process. I'm still tearing down walls.



  • TopHat

    Bonnzo, I guess each one of us have our own way of coping with the betrayal and lies of the WTS.

    Some find solce in another religion, some loose their trust in the Bible as the Inspired word of God and become atheist. ME, well, I have lost my trust in any organzied religion.

    I feel this way: Jesus was here long before the Watchtower org., and it is to Jesus and his Father in heaven that I will follow. The WTBTS is just a publishing company with make believe prophets.

  • Flash

    1Kings 19:14 and 18 explain how I feel about God and what good people He has left in His Organization.

    I'm both and ...but the Master is coming!

  • Sheepish

    I encourage you to take Honestys questions to heart.Look them up. The scriptures did say to stay in the situation you are found in when you are converted. A slave, a soldier etc. Which is not to say you have to "re-up" but something this important, you think he would have said specifically what the deal was.

    Personally I can't reconcile military service with Christianity. I mean joining after you have been converted. There was a time when the military was used to protect. WWII for instance...but since then? Not so much. But the freedom is: I don't have to answer for all Christians! Just ME!

    The Bible is VERY specific about the do's and don'ts, everything else is man's contrivance. If the scripture doesn't explain it, doesn't condemn or endorse it, what gives any man the authority to try to contort the word to some doctrine? If you have the Holy Spirit you have "no need of a 'teacher'"...look it up. It solves so many problems of doctrine.

    The real problem you have with Jehovah's Witnesses now is,: if you don't agree with everything, and submit to all the doctrine, you are fooling yourself that you are a real member.

    Who will you go away to? Jesus. He is the image of God. The one to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess...don't give your allegience to any but him.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hey there,

    I really liked your post. I was a witness for 26 years and D'Aed in November by a letter and full timed pioneered until Sept..2005. I chose the JW's..not raised up in it. I chose it because I researched the trinity, hellfire, soul, spirit, hades, hell, blood, etc. Most of those things, I still believe. The doctrinal issues are superior to the other religions. But the thing about them...is the prophesies like 1914 and Rev..and Dan. are way off. They are still keeping very old and tired prophesies...that were proven wrong. They really haven't had any really new light in ages..Wonder why? I think Jehs spirit has left them. Did you ever read about the faithful slave, in Math. 24:45, and how if it should say in it's heart "my master is delaying" and then beat his fellow slaves...then on a day that he does not expect the end will come...he will be assigned with the hypocrites." That slave would become evil...Do you think the WT has gotten too bossy? Wanting complete obedience as though they are Jesus...even Jesus didn't do that. Ordering no beards, who we should shun without even an explanation, every detail of what we should believe with no freedom of choice, etc. They are not infalliable. Yet when they expect complete obedience in thought and action..they really are claiming infalliability even though they don't admit it. I believe with all my that they have really escalated in the evil slave.. Blessings on your journey...

  • bonnzo

    thanx for the replys. honesty , i did not mean that you approve of warfare, im sorry if it sounded that way. i only refered to you by name because you are very vocal about being a christian. the question really should have been how could anyone claiming to be a christian would/could join a religion that supported warfare. unforunately, in my experience, most in america do. i dont, and one reason i remain a witness is because they dont.

    further, i dont really think that their is one true religion. one thing the WTS has said that is very true: religion is a snare and a racket. religion, not spirituality. the problem is, most people, myself included, feel more comfortable expressing spirituality thru a religion. so there is the dilemma for me. the WTS, whom i respect for some things and dont for others, or another religion, that i may respect for some things and not others. therefore, with that dilemma, and family and friends in the org., i stay. hence my question. damned if i do, damned if i dont.

    thax for the replys. your thoughs mean a lot. and again honesty, i sincerely apologize if i offended you.

    have a nice day,


  • Honesty
    thax for the replys. your thoughs mean a lot. and again honesty, i sincerely apologize if i offended you.

    have a nice day,


    You didn't offend me, bonnzo. No harm done. I was just trying to remember if I had ever said anything that condoned warfare.

    I do hope that you will research the questions that were posed to you.

    Meeting with other people to worship Jesus is not the same as condoning warfare. Many of the people I worship with are not members of any church nor have ever been baptised. Their faith in Jesus is a personal choice. I don't know if they are saved or not. I don't know if they are good Christians or not. Jesus knows and that's all that matters. Just as He knows what is in my heart and yours. You and I can't know for sure if the other is saved. A person can know for sure that they are saved if they believe Jesus' words and put all their trust and faith in Him. The bible insures people that those who put faith in Jesus will be saved. It also tells us that Jesus is the down payment of our inheritance.

    I encourage you to read the books of Romans, Galatians and Ephesians with an open mind and heart. I also encourage you to read them in several different bible translations with an open mind and heart.


    Bob Evans

    Walland, TN

  • Carmel

    Honesty, perhaps if you consider thinking outside the box for a little while you may want to examine the context of the question spoken to Jesus. Many here on JWD have chosen to jump into another sect or denomination of Christianity and you seem to consider that "another religion" when in fact it is another appendage of the same elephant. The box may be without six sides, neither a cube or a rectangle or a three dimensional parallelagram. Ever seen a diamond with many facets? Some have decided the box is a fallacy and that no God exists and all religions are a snare and racket. Certainly there are scoundals in all walks of life, but if Br. Russell was so wrong about so many other things why is his disclaimer about religion suddenly laced with wisdom and "truth". The other end of the spectrum is that all the religions are essentially "true" but have gone the way of Christianity, divided into hundreds of sects, bickering about this doctrin or that and losing any relevancy in the age of reason and scientific inquiry. It is a simple process of seeking reality. A, do the JWs have legitmacy or not? If not where will one find legitimacy, in religion or not? Keep asking the question, weighing the answers faily and with an open heart and you will find yourself discovering reality for yourself. Relevent relgion will be descoverable or it doesn't exist. If it exists, it is findable.

    carmel of the "rambling associative" class

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