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    i went to the liquor store, the dairy queen

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    Read Luk 22:36

  • Honesty
    Honesty, perhaps if you consider thinking outside the box for a little while you may want to examine the context of the question spoken to Jesus. carmel

    What question are you referring to?

    Speaking of religion.... what good has it done for humanity?

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    Those are great questions. I probably don't have real good answers for you right now, since I just haven't had time to form MY OWN OPINION on how to apply those principles in my everyday life.

    The important and refreshing thing is that you are willing to honor truth wherever you find it. Furthermore you are humble and teacheable. These are all elements of "good faith".

    I find the question of "where else can we go" to be an interesting one (aside from the fact that it is hardly a ringing endorsement). What it implies is that the essential doctrines regarding the nature of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the human soul, and eternal punishment are sound. So even if there are other problems, "we know this stuff is true, and nobody is as prolific as the jw in diseminating these truths, we must have Divine direction". (apparantly the JW's prolific dissemination is important because actually the Christadelphians and various Armstrong denominations have identical views on these "essential truths") So I have some questions for you. These are rhetorical, I don't expect you to explain yourself to me. I would like to hear what you think of the questions though... if you feel like it.

    How did you arrive at your conclusion that these "essential" teachings are correct? Did you seek out other evidence and lines of reasoning BESIDES those offered by the wt?

    Are you sure there aren't things that you don't realize you don't know about these theological questions? aka unknown unknowns.

    If those "essential" teachings were incorrect would you want to know it? What I mean is, suppose there were verses and reasoning that support the orthodox view of these theological questions that you are unaware of. Then suppose you took all those verses and reasonings, and compared them the the WT theology. And finally suppose that the orthodox view seemed more reasonable. Would you accept the orthodox view?

    How did you decide that those teachings are "essential"? Is there a place in the scriptures that lists these as "essential" teachings?

    Why do you have to go to somewhere or someone? Why do you need a fleshly place or a group of people to have eternal life? Peter was only speaking of Christ? Isn't it a stretch to take a reference to the son of Jehovah, and apply it to imperfect humans?

    Thanks in advance for any input you give me on the quality of these questions.

    Now that I have thought some more about the questions you asked, maybe it would be a good idea for you to read some books that defend orthodox Christianity against JW refutations. One good book I read was by Randall Watters called, Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses available at freeminds.org. In that book he addresses issues like the cross, holiday, soul, trinity, and war.

    Randy is an "apostate" and he posts here under the name dogpatch. I figure someone with a "good faith" like yours isn't afraid of things like that. If the JW are right on these matters, then their beleifs will withstand ANY scrutiny. The truth is never afraid of questioning. The truth relishes and invites it, because it knows it will be bourne out by such examination.

    Another book that isn't to bad for dealing with many of the theology questions is Reasoning From the Scriptures with Jehovah's Witnesses by Ron Rhodes. That one asks some pretty good questions. There is a JW apologist that wrote a book as an apparant answer to that book called Jehovah's Witnesses Defended by Greg Stafford which is available at elihu.com I beleive. I haven't read that book yet, so I can't give any feedback on it.

    Hope this helps.



    If you still desire to be a christian then that question Peter asked is referring to Jesus not an organization period! You need to decide and be settled that if you leave the WT... is it really leaving Jesus or not.

  • Balsam

    john 6:68, which peter asks: "lord, whom shall we go away to? you have sayings of everlasting life?"

    Well the scriptures says absolutely nothing about being loyal to a organization. It is speaking of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ isn't it?

    It is not necessary to follow an organization to follow Christ teachings and be a Christian if that is what you choose to do.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It's been said in the previous posts, but I will say it again because it's my opinion as well. Going to another religion simply dosen't solve any problems or resove any issues. The Watchtower has points with some of its arguements other religions have points with theirs. Neither makes them "true" religion, mainly because each succoms to the same vices. Man made religious structures eventually come to serve only one purpose and that is themselves. They may start out with grander goals, and even appear to keep them as time goes on, but in the end they become wraped up in self preservation of the group and not in preservation of truth.
    Take your time, think for yourself on the issues and don't feel the need to join anybodys group. If you still wish to be a Christian, I agree that you should go to Christ and not some religious oranization.
    I wish you the best.

  • daystar

    I skimmed through the responses. I think I've been here long enough that I can guess most people's positions here.

    but to join in another religion seems to be changin one poison for another.

    I most wholeheartedly agree. I am not today exactly a Christian. But while you and I (and many others assuredly) may disagree on specifics, I think placing trust (faith) in a human religious structure to be shaky at best.

    That being said, there are (more or less) Christian churches out there who allow their constituents the freedom to find their own truths without pushing any particular doctrine. Those, even I might consider attending. (Unitarian Universalists being one such church.)

  • undercover

    Maybe there is no where else to go. Maybe we have to figure shit out for ourselves. There's no one else out there to show us the way or promise anything. Once we make peace with ourselves and accept that we are in charge of our life, we can let go of superstitions and live our life to the fullest on our own.


    In regards to the military issue....since God hasn't stepped in to stop or do anything in several thousand years....what is man supposed to do? If this country were being attacked and your loved ones killed...would you pick up a weapon in defense? If countries had decided not to stop Hitler, what would the world be like today?

    It's interesting to hear the comment that there are no atheists in the foxholes!!! Some of the most devout "christians" are military personnel...kind of makes you wonder, huh?

    If someone were breaking in my house and hurting just me...I might not try to kill...but if someone were attacking my family members...it would lights for him!!!

    Swalker (not planning on joining the military anytime soon!)

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