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  • Sheri

    Undercover I agree with you.

    When I was discussing my questioning the Society and their teaching, I too was asked Where Will You Go? and my response was "Who said I had to go anywhere".

    I enjoy my research to examine the "truth" as it was taught to me. It is amazing the manipulation of the written word to the publications. The more I study the more I learn it is our individual relationship with our God, whom ever that maybe to the individual. No one man/ woman has the answers for each one of us; just do good to all humanity as best you can with what you have been given in this life and it will all wash out in the long run. Make peace with yourself and peace with others, whether they want it or not (especially JW families that shun you) Kill them with LOVE. Someday they just may see that it is love that prevails not separation and judging because a group of men tell you that is what God wants you to do.

    I do attend other services sometimes, like Unity, Hope Fellowship, but I know that I will never JOIN another religion. I am doing just fine with a one on one with my God. My Personal Study of Religion is truly enjoyable and never ending, I do it more now with peace of mind rather than the anger I first had when I started this journey.

    No church or religion should force others to judge another member to the degree that the Society does and at the same time do things behind the scenes that would not be acceptable to the congregation if it was fully understood and known. Men do this not God.



  • bonnzo

    thanx for the responses. specifically:

    scully and coffee_black: i am starting to agree with your thinking about whether an organization has to be a go-between you and god. i thought that was jesus' job

    honesty: i will consider your questions and thanx for the pm

    star moore: yes, they(WTS) are way too bossy

    carmel: i do try to think outside the box. maybe i dont go far enough. good points

    seesthesky: i just went to the liquor store and bought some woodford reserve whiskey, mmmm, mmmm.

    undercover: well put. i may just do that.

    sheri: i agree with almost every word you say.

    Check_Your_Premises: all of your questions are valid. i wont answer them but, i did/do research outside the WTS publications. i know what they say, ive been a jw for 30 years. i spent many hours at barnes & nobles and the library reading. i probably dont go into as much depth as some here, but i try.. good point about the unknown unknowns. i never thought about that. your question that, loosely translated, if you found out the WTS theology was wrong, would you want to know it, stopped me in my tracks. i really need to think about that. i fell like i would, but then what would i do? i already know some things are wrong. i still remain a witness. i also know, or feel that something is probably wrong in any religion. can i live with that? that appears to be the next question



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