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  • bonnzo

    i have a rather lengthy question/statement, so please bear with me. i would like to apologize in advance if i offend anyone with this post. i dont mean to judge anyone here. you all, for the most part, seem to be sincere and intelligent people, and ive learned much from all.

    my background may explain my position. ive been a jw all my life, baptized for nearly 30 years. im in my 40s now.my father was p/o and pioneer til his death several years ago(the anniversary of which is this week), my mom is a reg. pioneer. almost all of my immediate family are strong witnesses. i have virually no friends that arent witnesses. i am a cousin of undecideds on this forum. we were at the same funeral he posted about this weekend. we bacame reaquainted thru this forum. he is as nice as you all think he is.

    during the funeral, the brother(who did a fine job with the discourse), made the statement, regarding staying close to jehovahs org., found at john 6:68, which peter asks: "lord, whom shall we go away to? you have sayings of everlasting life?" it made me think. i dont agree with everything that comes out of brooklyn. many things we teach as truth are speculative at best. i have done some research(not as much as some of you), most outside the orgs. literature. i have decided that many doctrinal pionts are correct, such as hellfire, trinity, etc. im not going to expalin why here, but thats my conclusion. i do question the idea of FDS class, some issues with blood, the extent of d'fing. i do agree wholeheartedly with neutrality regarding warfare. my question is to some, such as honesty, who have joined other churches, is how can you justify christian involvement in war, esp. in light of jesus' word at matt26:52: "those who take the sword, perish by the sword"?

    i can understand leaving the WTS if ine objects to their teachings. but to join in another religion seems to be changin one poison for another.

    again, i mean no offense. many of you who have joined other churches, i admire your posts and continue to learn from them

    im not going to respond to any replys right now. im going to the book study out of the "speculate on daniels prophecy" book, then im going to watch jack bauer kick some ass on 24. then i'll log on again. thanks for your responses, if there are any.

  • Sparkplug

    Well in answer to that part, I would have to say: Anywhere, everywhere, and basically all about. We will go to places we never thought possible physically, mentally, spiritually, sexually and in every aspect of our lives, there is nothing but growth possible.

    I like you was raised in the JW world. Once I learned to let go of all of the mess, and the things that have ruled my life with a twisted hand...well I have gone so many places and continue to do so. I even went to church but not for long. I have gone mainly for weddings funerals, and a baptism once. But aside from church, I just roam and travel, even if it is in my mind, I stretch the limits.

  • Scully
    "lord, whom shall we go away to? you have sayings of everlasting life?"

    is very different from the question the JWs ask (and you used for the title of your topic):


    I can understand why someone would want to be a follower of Jesus (the "you" described in the scripture that has "sayings of everlasting life"). I can't understand why anyone would allow themselves to follow an organization that puts itself in the position of being a substitute for Jesus' mediatorship between God and humans.

    i mean no offense

    I don't think anyone would be offended by your question. But what is completely offensive to a lot of people here, is the WTS's claim that the Organization has sayings of everlasting life, and that the Organization is the mediator for one's salvation, and that following the Organization is the only way to attain God's favor.

    from your friendly neighbourhood atheist lady, Scully

  • Severus

    There is no WHERE to go to. It is "WHOM shall we go away to."

    If you believe in Jesus, that is the WHOM.

    Why are you letting the "faithful and discreet slave" get in the way of this?

  • coffee_black

    No human organization can give you salvation. The organization just becomes the middle man. A relationship with God is through Christ. The watchtower tries to take control of your relationship with God... that is not what Christianity is about.


  • silentWatcher

    but to join in another religion seems to be changin one poison for another.

    amen. Actually, leaving the JWs and going to another church reminds me of the scripture "like dogs returning to their vomit." Rutherford was wrong about many things, but his gem "ALL religion is a snare and racket" was DEAD ON right.


  • upside/down

    Apostates are so damn clever... I like 'em.


  • Undecided

    I don't think it matters what we believe as long as it doesn't restrict our enjoyment of our life now. Who can prove anything about the bible is true, and especially anything the GB puts out as truth, since it changes every few years. If you enjoy your family and associating with the JWs and it doesn't restrict you from making a decent living and it doesn't make your mind so closed you can't think outside the cult, then enjoy it.

    I left 30 years ago and I can say I haven't missed a thing since I just faded and wasn't Dfed and could still visit my relatives if I chose. I just don't like the controlling make-up of the borg. I won't advise you what to do, that is your decision. Wishing you the best.

    Ken P.

  • Honesty

    It is not a physical place to go to. It is a person. That person is Jesus. That is why I am labeled an apostate by the Watchtower Society's local representatives here in East Tennessee.

    my question is to some, such as honesty, who have joined other churches, is how can you justify christian involvement in war, esp. in light of jesus' word at matt26:52: "those who take the sword, perish by the sword"?

    Can you point to any specific post, remark, letter or quote that gives you the impression that I justify Christian involvement in war?

    While we are on the subject, I would like to ask you a few questions that are in no way meant to infer that you are wrong or have been taught incorrectly about how God feels about murder which is related to warfare.

    At any time in the bible is there any reference made to what modern day language refers to as terrorism? If so, how did God involve Himself with it?

    Did Jesus ever heal anyone who was connected in any manner with the Roman army? If so, did He condemn military service or the persons involved?

    What did John the baptist say about military service?

    When Jesus was crucified at Calvary did the Roman army conscript anyone into service? If so, is the history of that person and his descendants recorded for us in the bible or in any secular documents?

    Was the Holy Spirit ever poured out upon anyone in the Roman army? If so, is there any record in the bible that specifically states that after this occured the person or persons involved were judged adversely or removed themselves from the Roman army?

    Is there any secular documentation or records that can absolutely verify that Christians did or did not serve in the Roman army? If so, did any of these Christians suffer martyrdom for following Jesus as their Lord and Savior?

    I trust that you will find the God of whom you are seeking.


    Bob Evans

    Walland, TN.

  • nsrn

    Hi, Bonnzo,

    I don't think anyone 'goes' from JW to another organized religion overnight. At least, not in my experience. People leave over various issues, and I know I didn't have ANY use for religion for several years. It wasn't until I started yearning for something else that I was open enough to even consider 'somewhere else'.

    Life's a process. I'm still tearing down walls.

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