No JWs in sight....what happened to them?

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  • kid-A

    I have been living in my new house since November. I have been home every weekend, saturday and sunday mornings. I live in a big city, in a densely housed area.

    There has not been a single JW door-knocker this entire time!!!! And this has been a pretty mild winter!! Have'nt even seen them on the streets!

    I take this as a positive sign that they are slowing down and/or giving up or just dont give a rats ass anymore. Whats the situation in your neighbourhoods? Hopefully my experience is not isolated!!

  • Elsewhere

    Same here! I have not had a SINGLE Jehovahs Witness knock on my door since 1998.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    I've lived in my current house for over five years now. It's a suburb of an average size city with blocks and blocks of city lot property. It's a JW's dream territory. I have had one single JDub stop by in that time period. This doesnt include the times that my JDub mother stopped by with and elder or had one of her JDub friends stop by to invite me to the memorial.

  • Super_Becka

    I remember when I was younger and living at home all the time, JWs and Mormons were knocking on doors all the time. There's even a KH in my tiny hometown, though I've only ever seen lights on there once in my life (there are actually windows in this KH, tiny though they are). Lots of days when my mother would tell us to stay out of the windows and not answer the door until they'd gone by, just because they're so damn hard to get rid of, they're very persistent. There was even a time when I was in junior high when a JW woman would come to our door every Saturday morning with her little girl and give us a few copies of Watchtower and Awake!. I think Mom just took the magazines because she wanted to be polite and help this woman do her work, not because we believed what the JWs were preaching. We're all quite happy being Anglicans, thanks.

    But I haven't seen a JW in years. This woman stopped coming to our house a few years ago and we haven't seen her since, and there have been no replacements for her, nor have there been any other JWs knocking on the door, or Mormons, either, for that matter.

    Have they all given up on the people in my area, are they all "seeing the light" and leaving the WTS, or are they just not as active as they should be?? When I'm at home, I drive by the KH in my hometown on a regular basis, and I've been paying extra attention to it on meeting nights, but there's never anyone in there. What's up??

    -Becka :)

  • kid-A

    As a kid, I remember repetitively working the same streets, same houses, often twice a month at a minimum. By this standard, I should have had at least 3-4 "visits" by now. We would actually become familiar with a "territory" remember those stupid little plastic map cards?

    Has there been some change in their strategy? No wonder they are bleeding members and no net growth......geez with "employees" like this, this corporation is going down the toilet fast! LOL

  • Quentin

    In the last twenty years we have seen the Js doing D2D maybe twice and have had our door knocked a couple of times. Last year when I had to use the local laundromat they were there every Saturday, leaving mags and talking to whomever would listen. Otherwise they have been MIA in our area.

  • IronClaw

    I found them, I found them:

  • feelinsketchy

    Same here, 4 years no Wits.

    Maybe it's the horrific driveway or the two Rottweilers in the yard. Either way, what happened to trusting in the lord, urgency of the times and so on?

  • garybuss

    In these parts Witnesses seem to be stimulation driven. If there's some motivating force they come out . . . sort of like poking a bee hive with a stick. If I wonder if they are about I just go to their favorite break spots. They are out there all right. I don't see them doing house by house territory covering door to door service like we did in the 50's. Then we would assault a neighborhood. Bell shaped hat wearing people waddling down the street two by two carrying book sales cases. A sight that brought fear to the hearts of many a hungover drunk trying to sleep off a late party.

    Hillside houses with 400 steps up amazingly were often seen marked on house to house recording sheets as chronic not at homes. Every fenced yard with four Doberman Pinchers was passed by with righteous impunity. This was a marking work, like the blood on the lamp post, separating the sheep and the goats. Time was short, the end was near. We did have the books to prove it.

  • moshe

    Same for me- going on four years here- No JW's- I have moved a few times and nobody has me on a DF'd list- so far one field service visit in the past 12 years and that was about 8 years ago. Do you supose the Witnesses have have finally taken the hint that nobody wants to be bothered by them? They used to do the territories at least once a year, didn't they?

    peace and quiet is great,


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