No JWs in sight....what happened to them?

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  • Elsewhere
    I was a little kid in the 70s but remember this gung-ho attitude of my parents. Maybe 75 was the tipping point.

    They sprung back from 1975 but have been on a downward slide ever sense. If the current trend continues they should have "negative growth" before the year 2010.

    Jehovah's Witnesses: Worldwide Annual Growth (%)

  • kid-A

    I love that graph!

    Now all they need to do is start pushing the 2035 date so they can replicate that 75 spike!! LOL

  • Highlander

    My mom goes preaching every tuesday and thursday,, my brother and his wife preach every saturday. My sister hasn't in months,, My dad is inactive for 20+ years.

    I'll never preach again,, haven't for 6 years? give or take.

    The small town congregation my family is at is still fairly motivated,, however I now live 2000 miles away from them,, I'm in a large city and the only ones I see preaching are

    the old ladys, and an occasional younger pioneer. Typically I only see the jw's in poorer neighborhoods, rarely do I find them in my neighborhood or the local wealthy areas.

  • Virgochik

    I've seen them twice in the 3 years we've been at our current house. We both work full time, so it's possible they are coming to work the neighborhood more than I know, but if the've been by, wouldn't they be leaving something in the door? We live in a nice, middle class neighborhood with plenty of parking. We used to always leave a tract or an old Asleep or Witchtower if there was a secure place for it.

  • joelbear

    17 years in atlanta, two times to my door.

  • slugga

    I have a kingdom Hall not 10 minutes walk from me and I've been here for nearly 8 yrs. In that time neither of us have had a single witness knock at the door. I got home a few weeks back to find the remains of an awake and watchtower mag ripped up all around the hall though which is weird though because my dog never rips up mail...Maybe I have a Satanic Dog?

    I've not seen a witness at my door since I faded back in 89

    How are they making their hours up?


  • DannyHaszard

    Danny Haszard's apostate Jehovah's Witness cartoon pass it around freely

  • steve2
    Maybe I have a Satanic Dog?

    To the contrary, slugga: Your dog is showing exceptionally well-informed and healthy judgement by ripping up the literature instead of reading it. Your dog deserves an extra cuddle and dogbone.

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