Comments You Will Not Hear at the 2-12-06 WT Study (Righteousness)

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    I can only hear the crickets in billyboy-Land


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    Good job, as usual, Blondie,

    One of the most repellant tenets of JWs is that their version of the ``Good News of the Kingdom" seals the doom of 99.99% of the world's inhabitants; i.e., all non-JWs plus the large number of JWs who fail to attain their minimum hourly quotas and/or meeting attendance--- and that's right down to the last infant. If fulfilling his mandate as Prince of Peace and Rightful Ruler of the Earth requires Jesus to perform the most horrific spilling of blood this earth will have ever experienced, it kind of makes a mockery of his title as ``Savior," doesn't it?

    It's in many ways worse than the Inquisition, in which the so-called ``heretics" were burned at the stake, but at the least, was purportedly aimed at ``saving their souls" by purging them of their sins by the cleansing passage through the fire.

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    Billy Boy, stick around. You are in for a huge change in your thinking.

    Through the help from this forum many are taking back their lives and minds after having been connected to the "borg" for so many years.

    I wanted to say the statement that "most states outlawed unmarried persons living together until 1970" is rubbish. Every heard of common law marriage?

    I for one deeply appreciate the tutoring in critical listening this column brings me. I never want to be suckered into giving away 30 years of my life or even one hour of my precious life to another Pied Piper organization or individual again.

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    Let us all thank Billy Boy for garnering so much praise for Blondie!

    Billy says: Occasionally the writer makes a legitimate point but when she starts from such a negative basis , it is difficult to consistently sustain this.

    Ummm, how often does the WT negatively criticise "the world"? Even in this very article!

    How often do we hear about positive "worldly" news from the WT? Never.

    Who constantly demonizes anything not Jehovah's Witness? Even other Christians!

    That's the Watchtower Society's agenda, and "it is difficult to consistently sustain".

    The spin stops with Blondie.

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    Distinctions with little difference...


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    I look forward to Blondie's posts! My parents are still in and it helps me feel a little bit comforted to know what they are hearing every week. It's not good, and I don't like the material they are being fed, but at least I know what's going on with them. Also, it makes me that much more sure I did the right thing by getting out. I know it's not the truth Thank You, Blondie!.

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    I know some that read that article and did not even realize what they were really saying, it just goes in one ear and out the other.

    nice one, Sheri.

    Thanks Blondie for your great contribution, and I welcome the comments of BillyBoy, constructive dialogue and all...

    My thoughts , perhaps said by some, but here goes.

    p1] The girl who resisted sexual advances.. Watchtowers always make out that they have cornered the market in morality and decency. They give a totally false impression that worldly people are all thieves and liars and worldly women would drop their underwear at the first invitation.. All said to suit their own agenda.

    p10} The anecdotal story of the small boy who "stumbled upon" a porn website.. Ahem.., you don't find them unless you look for them. The little boy knew a thing or two about searching. BTW, his school , if that's where he did it, should have had a filter on the computer, I wonder when this "experience" happened, is it old? . Anyway, another attempt at demonizing the net , making it out to be a place for perverts- except their own site, of course.

    p16/17] Beware an independent spirit. real cult mentality , trust us to do your thinking for you. NB sheep get regularly fleeced!

    A skilfully written piece of "encouragement".. It blends together some real dangers with some imaginary ones so the reader can see enough reality in it to maybe believe the rest, and resolve to remain under the "tender loving care of the Watchtower", Maybe .

  • valkyrie

    Blondie wrote:

    *** w67 5/15 p. 319 Questions from Readers ***

    ...Scientists cannot measure human perfection or imperfection resulting from sin.
    Nor can they predict the powerful effect a perfect male sperm would have on an
    imperfect ovum. But it is evident from what occurred in Jesus? case that the
    perfect male part of the reproduction dominated the imperfection inherent in
    Mary. Jesus' perfect Father transferred the perfect life of his Son to the womb
    of Mary and the result was a wholly perfect offspring, Jesus. Gal. 4:4.

    Accepting what the inspired Scriptures say took place as to Jesus' conception
    and birth, we can conclude that by reason of Jesus? being entirely perfect he
    could have fathered perfect children even with an imperfect wife. Of course,
    that was not God?s will for Jesus....
    Following this reasoning, do the WTBS believe that the offspring of those angels who became enamoured of the "daughters of men" were, in fact, perfect humans (courtesy of the "powerful effect" of "perfect male sperm"), and that - in authorizing/facilitating their annihilation - Jehovah executed perfect/sinless humans simply because he was not the author of their enviable state of perfection? Does that mean that 'perfection' alone is not sufficient to please God or to ensure security from death, that only a state of perfection-in-vassalage [servitude] will do? It seems that the Biblical way not only permits slavery (both physical and mental bondage), but exhorts it!

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    Very fine first post, valkyrie!

  • valkyrie

    Thank you, jnat. Just one of the many milling about in my head... the one that made good its exit!

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