Comments You Will Not Hear at the 2-12-06 WT Study (Righteousness)

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  • stillAwitness

    WT is CONCERNED about people leafing ? WOW ! that sound like a good news !

    Hey Think...I see your slippin again when it comes to sentence structure..didn't we talk about this my friend?

  • Think


    Hello my Darling Sister. Sorry for my slipping. Did you miss me ? I ask you for help, we can TOGETHER build very sweet sentences, just drop by...

    I am leafing again ? But looks like almost every body is leafing...

  • heathen

    Yah looks like the WTBTS is in for those critical times hard to deal with . Billyboy wants fair play from for a book publishing corporation that has no room for dissent . It's unrealistic to take what they say at face value when they have been so wrong countless times and constantly changing their point of view . They have to keep beating the R&F over the head the FDS dogma to maintain control of their resources which is free labor .

    I really like this part

    Parents who properly oversee their children's activities and inculcate in their children a love of Jehovah
    Yah more like beat the hell out them at meetings and threaten them with destruction for disobedience .

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