Comments You Will Not Hear at the 2-12-06 WT Study (Righteousness)

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  • xjwms


    Thank you for your insight.

    Still an elder, How do you do it.?

    My wife has hopes that someday I'll return.. and do, .. what once "WAS". And, brother, .. let me tell you....

    I am less suicidal.... than I was when I was attending. I was giving 110 %... and according to some, ... it was not enough.

  • Sheri

    Well said Gary1914. Welcome Billlyboy.

    I am still considered a JW but one with questions and not attending the meetings since I am not able to question anything in the open. As I said to a sister (assigned to help me) I do not deny anyone their own thoughts but please do not label me as spiritually weak, or apostate should I dare to question what is brought out in Watchtower or Book Study publications.

    That I should have the right to research and come to my own conclusions on certain issues, yet still love Jehovah and Jesus and many within the congregation. When asked if I would attend the meetings again, I had to explain as much as I do have love for ones in the congregation, how can I participate when it is all set up to answer from the articles and if I can't do that nor ask questions without being looked as as if I was questioning God or trying to cause dissention then what is the point. She agreed with me. The structure of the Society does not allow freedom of religion, which is the very opposite of how it started out.

    Recently a primetime show had segment where a group of people knew the set up of a test but one person did not. They were shown a drawing on the screen and everyone answered the wrong direction to the drawing being shown. When it got to the last man, who did not know it was set up, he answered along with the group, althought it was so clearly a wrong answer.

    When he was told of the test set up and why he answered with the group. He explained that he could see it was not the right answer but felt the pressure of the verbal answers (although wrong answers) of the group. Then the researcher explained that this is very common that persons will more often go along with the group rather than their own reasoning. I could not help but think of the Watchtower and Book Study arrangements and Bible Study arrangement. In the beginning when I started my own Bible Study and attending meetings, I raised the question why was this all so set up to answer from publications and was told of that fact there were "others" perhaps not as well read (intelligent) and I would be more humble to go along with the way the Society had set up the studies. What I now realize is that is really is a form of brain washing.

    I so look forward to Blondie's reviews and do share these thoughts with ones who do approach me as they always seem surprised that I have read the Watchtower and I find it interesting to bring out tidbits that make them think. So THANK YOU Blondie for helping me read between the lines.

    Billyboy keep your eyes and mind open and you may find peace and love that Jesus thought. Just read this recently in letters to the editor: "For by his love, faith is the certaintainy that there are spiritual realities; and we need to be rescued from ourselves. Therefore, forgive and be wise with faith and love towards those we meet, live and work with." I would say that is following Jesus' commandment to love your neighbor as yourself and to love God, who is the emobiment of Love.

    Is it really important to claim only one source has that love and reality or is it better to show our love by actually loving one another in word and deed, rather than killing so many with our (their) words, such as in the 12/15/06 2nd study #17 and #19. I know some that read that article and did not even realize what they were really saying, it just goes in one ear and out the other.

    Sorry for the long post.



  • Gary1914

    Q. Still an elder, How do you do it.?

    A. ZOLOFT!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    I am less suicidal.... than I was when I was attending. I was giving 110 %... and according to some, ... it was not enough.

    Amen brother.

    Blondie, I love reading your WT study posts. It keeps me up to date, and I can discuss points with my mom when she brings things up - hopefully give her a different perspective.


  • billyboy

    Thanks for your comments. My argument is simply that "Blondie" is not objectively analysing the WT article - she is criticising it. While she does make some legitimate points , the problem is that she resorts to nit-picking because she consistently presents the articles in a negative way. I would have more respect for her articles if she occasionally acknowledged the truthfulness of a point or argument - I've read through a few of her articles and never seen one case of this (although I do stand to be corrected on this).

    The WT discussions in our congregation are open and often a balancing point is made by the conductor or by someone in the audience. The brothers are not quite as dim as some ex-witnesses would think - they can see through weak argumentation. A recent WT article depicted a picture of witnesses enjoying social activities by having a group sing-song of Kingdom melodies - several brothers & sisters pointed our the irony of this in their answers and the WT overseer admitteed that the picture was rather unrealistic.

  • SallySue

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, Blondie. I still can't get over JW's calling themselves Christians as when I was in (during the 50's) we were told if a householder asks to say we are Jehovah's Witnesses. We never wanted to be associated with the word Christian.

    It really helps me understand where the members of my family who are still in are coming from and what is the current "teaching of the week."

    Again, Blondie, keep up the GREAT work. I know I need to read your comments every week.

  • jgnat

    Sheri, that is an absolutely wonderful contribution, thank you for taking the time to write it.

  • Pistoff


  • Pistoff


  • Pistoff


    Why criticize the WT each week?

    Lest anyone forget, the WT says they speak for GOD. They don't quite phrase it that way, maybe more like Jehovah has an organization on earth, the FDS, and he funnels communication through that channel. Either way, THEY CLAIM TO SPEAK FOR GOD.

    When someone makes that claim, they MUST be constantly examined and what they SAY must be compared to what they DO.

    That is why blondie constantly reminds us that this is the group that requires 2 witnesses for child sex abuse, shuns teenagers for acting out in a sexual way, regularly insults women and do not themselves practice what they preach, i.e., being involved with the UN.

    When a group of 12 men, fronting 8,000 real members, controls 6 million men and women by claiming to know what God wants in the modern day, I am thankful for every critical voice.

    Welcome to the board.

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