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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 02-12-06 WT Study (January 1, 2006 issue, pp. 25-29)(RIGHTEOUSNESS) Review comments will be in redWT material from today's WT will be in black
    Quotes from other sources will be in quotes boxesw = Watchtower
    g = Awake (various Bible translations online) (WT publications online) (child abuse) (blood issue) (United Nations issue)

    "Keep on, then, seeking first... [God's] righteousness. "-MATTHEW 6:33.

    Opening Comments

    Immorality...Fear of Man...Materialism...Apostasy

    The WTS is very concerned about the dropping has pulled out the four big reasons that they think JWs stop coming. It never occurs to them that it could be



    YOUNG Christian woman in Asia worked as a secretary in a government office. She was conscientious, reporting for work early and not loitering at her job. However, since her position was not permanent, it came up for review. The head of the department told the young woman that he would employ her permanently and even give her a higher position, provided she would have an immoral relationship with him. This she flatly refused, even though it would mean the loss of her employment.

    So how many of you have had your job put on the line unless you slept with the
    boss. I have worked almost 50 years and this only happened once. I know that
    there are many, many NON-JWs in the same situation who "flatly refused, even
    though it would mean the loss" of their jobs.

    How does this compare to Sarah giving Hagar to Abraham to have sex with, did
    Hagar have a choice or lose her 'job'?

    Did Leah have a choice? Did Esther have a choice?

    2 Was that young Christian woman unrealistic? No, she was carefully following Jesus' words: "Keep on, then, seeking first ... [God's] righteousness." (Matthew 6:33) For her, following righteous principles was far more important than gaining an advantage by means of committing sexual immorality. -1 Corinthians 6:18.

    Christian woman--only JW
    Is this the only example of how a young woman can seek righteousness first,
    sexual righteousness? Out of 15,000 references to righteousness on the WT-CD,
    only 42 mention immorality.

    The Importance of Righteousness

    3 "Righteousness" implies a state of moral integrity and honesty. In the Bible, the Greek and Hebrew words have the thought of "rectitude" or "uprightness." It is not self-righteousness, judging oneself by one's own standards. (Luke 16:15) It is uprightness according to Jehovah's standards. It is God's
    righteousness.-Romans 1:17; 3:21.


    *** w93 1/15 p. 5 ?Caught Away to Meet the Lord--How? ***

    The Watchtower has consistently presented evidence to honesthearted students of
    Bible prophecy that Jesus? presence in heavenly Kingdom power began in 1914.

    *** God's Kingdom Has Approached chap. 11 pp. 187-188 ?Here Is the Bridegroom!***

    Due to this fact, when Charles T. Russell began publishing his own religious magazine in July of 1879, he published it under the title Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence. He had already become familiar with Wilsons The Emphatic Diaglott, which translated the Greek word parousia as
    presence, not coming, in Matthew 24:3 and elsewhere. The new magazine was heralding Christ's invisible presence as having begun in 1874. This presence was to continue until the end of the Gentile Times in 1914, when the Gentile nations would be destroyed and the remnant of the chaste virgin class would be glorified with their bridegroom in heaven by death and resurrection to life in the spirit.

    *** w94 10/1 p. 8 The Bible?A Book Meant to Be Understood ***
    All who want to understand the Bible should appreciate that the ?greatly
    diversified wisdom of God? can become known only through Jehovah?s channel of
    communication, the faithful and discreet slave.
    God's righteousness--as interpreted by the WTS.
    Definition of lying in the WTS publications
    *** w92 12/15 p. 22 Why Is It So Easy to Lie? ***
    A lie is defined as 1.a false statement or action, especially one made with
    intent to deceive .?.?. 2.?anything that gives or is meant to give a false
    impression.? The intention is to cause others to believe something that the liar
    knows is not the truth. By lies or half-truths, he strives to deceive those who
    are entitled to know the truth.

    4 Why is righteousness important? Because Jehovah, the "righteous God," favors his people when they practice righteousness. (Psalm 4:1; Proverbs 2:20-22; Habakkuk 1:13) Anyone who works unrighteousness cannot have a close relationship with him. (Proverbs 15:8) That is why the apostle Paul urged Timothy: "Flee from the desires incidental to youth, but pursue righteousness,"
    along with other vital qualities. (2 Timothy 2:22) It is also why Paul included "the breastplate of righteousness" when he listed the various parts of our spiritual armor.-Ephesians 6:14.

    Jehovah...God...his people--only JWs

    Practice righteousness---why---God's favor--sounds pretty selfish.

    Works unrighteousness--no close relationship with God--WTS claims closeness with God yet has and practices unrighteousness (see above).
    desires incidental to youth--what are those by WTS definition? Sexual sins.

    5 Of course, no human is righteous in a complete sense. All inherit imperfection from Adam, and all are sinful, unrighteous, from birth. Yet, Jesus said that we should seek righteousness. How is that possible? In that Jesus gave his perfect life as a ransom for us, and if we exercise faith in that sacrifice,
    Jehovah is willing to forgive our sins. (Matthew 20:28; John 3:16; Romans 5:8, 9, 12,18) On that basis, as we learn Jehovah's righteous standards and do our utmost to observe them-praying for help to overcome our weaknesses Jehovah accepts our worship. (Psalm 1:6; Romans 7:19-25;Revelation 7:9, 14) How comforting that is!

    No human is righteous in a complete sense...inherit imperfection from Adam.

    But doesn't the WTS teach that the anointed are righteous, "declared righteous"?

    *** w95 2/15 p. 10 There Will Be a Resurrection of the Righteous ***

    Thanks to Jesus' ransom sacrifice, faithful anointed ones, being declared righteous, have the sure hope of being resurrected as immortal spirit creatures, like Jesus.

    But not the great crowd

    *** w04 11/1 p. 12 Happy Servants of Jehovah ***

    The companions of the anointed ones are not yet declared righteous for life.
    Imperfection not from Eve? Does that mean if Eve had not sinned, their children would have been perfect? Or does the WTS teach that the genetic material comes only from the male? Why is it that Jesus was perfect although he shared genetic material from his imperfect mother?
    How does the WTS try to explain that?
    *** w67 5/15 p. 319 Questions from Readers ***
    How can it be said that Jesus could have produced perfect children from an
    imperfect wife? Would not the children, according to the laws of genetics, have
    inherited imperfection from their mother??F. S., England.

    The basis for offering this as a possibility is the example of what occurred in
    the case of Jesus? own birth. He was born perfect even though he had an
    imperfect mother, Mary.
    In saying this, we do not deny the scientifically demonstrated fact that the
    union of a human sperm and a human egg cell or ovum, both of which contain
    chromosomes and genes, results eventually in a new organism with hereditary
    characteristics of both parents. This process has been observed and can now
    hardly be called a theory.

    In Jesus' own case it appears that Jehovah used one of the ova in the womb of
    the virgin, but imperfect, woman Mary. (Rom. 3:23) Had he not done so, Jesus,
    from a physical standpoint, would not have been a real descendant of Abraham and King David, as had been foretold. (Gen. 22:18; Isa. 11:1, 2; Luke 3:23-38) Thus we believe that Jesus looked like a Jew, that he had human characteristics that were observable in his mother.
    The question may now arise, Would not Jesus have inherited some imperfection
    from Mary? No, the Bible plainly shows that Jesus was born perfect. (1 Pet.
    2:22; John 8:46) In this way he was the equivalent of perfect Adam and could
    serve as the ransom to take away sins. (Heb. 7:26; 9:26; Rom. 5:18) We should
    keep in mind that we are not dealing just with genetic laws of dominant and
    recessive characteristics. No, perfection and imperfection are also involved. We
    have no experience with the results of uniting perfection with imperfection.
    Scientists cannot measure human perfection or imperfection resulting from sin.
    Nor can they predict the powerful effect a perfect male sperm would have on an
    imperfect ovum. But it is evident from what occurred in Jesus? case that the
    perfect male part of the reproduction dominated the imperfection inherent in
    Mary. Jesus' perfect Father transferred the perfect life of his Son to the womb
    of Mary and the result was a wholly perfect offspring, Jesus. Gal. 4:4.

    Accepting what the inspired Scriptures say took place as to Jesus' conception
    and birth, we can conclude that by reason of Jesus? being entirely perfect he
    could have fathered perfect children even with an imperfect wife. Of course,
    that was not God?s will for Jesus. (Heb. 10:5-10; Matt. 26:39) Nonetheless, that
    potential was apparently there.
    Exercising faith in Jehovah or Jesus?
    *** w99 4/15 p. 14 The Only Way to Everlasting Life ***
    May we never forget that it is only by exercising faith in Jesus that we can
    enjoy everlasting life.
    *** w97 11/15 p. 21 Faith Makes Us Patient and Prayerful ***
    Only by exercising faith in Jehovah can we hope for lasting joy and everlasting
    *** w04 1/1 p. 9 Let All Declare the Glory of Jehovah ***
    A major theme of Romans is that only those who exercise faith in Jesus Christ
    can be saved.

    (Romans 10:9) For if you publicly declare that 'word in your own mouth,' that
    Jesus is Lord, and exercise faith in your heart that God raised him up from the
    dead, you will be saved.

    Forgive our sins--God or the elders?

    *** w96 4/15 p. 29 Questions From Readers ***

    In handling matters this way, the elders do not make up their own standards of judgment. They apply Bible principles and closely follow Scriptural procedures that Jehovah set out. Hence, any forgiving or not forgiving on the part of the elders would be in the sense of Jesus' words at Matthew 18:18: "Truly I say to you men, Whatever things you may bind on earth will be things bound in heaven, and whatever things you may loose on earth will be things loosed in heaven." Their actions would simply reflect Jehovah's view of matters as presented in the Bible.

    Righteous in an Unrighteous World
    6 When Jesus' disciples received the commission to be his witnesses "to the most distant part of the earth," they faced a difficult situation. (Acts 1:8) All their assigned territory was "lying in the power of the wicked one," Satan. (1 John 5:19) The world was infected with the wicked spirit that he promotes, and
    Christians would be exposed to its contaminating influence. (Ephesians 2:2) For them, the world was a dangerous place. Only by seeking first God's righteousness could they endure with their integrity intact. Most did endure, but a few were diverted from "the path of righteousness."-Proverbs 12:28; 2 Timothy 4:10.

    to be his (Jesus) witnesses (Acts 1:8)--then why are the members of the WTS
    known as Jehovah's Witnesses?

    The world was infected with the wicked spirit that he (Satan) promotes--everyone
    who is not a JW

    Christians--only JWs
    the world is a dangerous place--thus the edict not to associate with any non-JWs
    a few were diverted--apostates? 2 Ti. 4:10
    *** it-1 p. 612 Demas ***

    The exact nature of Demas? forsaking Paul ?because of his love for the present
    system of things? is not disclosed. The apostle does not say Demas became an
    apostate or opposer. Perhaps Demas? love for material things and worldly
    pleasures became stronger than that for spiritual things. Fear of martyrdom with
    Paul may have caused Demas to seek a safer place and thus preserve his life in
    the then-existing system of things.

    7 Is the world safer for Christians today? By no means! It is even more corrupt than it was in the first century. In addition, Satan has been cast down to the earth and wages vicious warfare against anointed Christians, "the remaining ones of [the woman's] seed, who observe the commandments of God and have the work of bearing witness to Jesus." (Revelation 12:12, 17) Satan also attacks any who support that "seed." Yet, Christians cannot hide from the world. While no part of it, they have to live in it. (John 17:15, 16) And they have to preach in it to seek out rightly disposed people and teach them to be disciples of Christ. (Matthew 24:14; 28:19, 20) Therefore, since Christians cannot entirely avoid the corrupting influences in this world, they have to resist them. Let us consider four of those influences.

    Christians--only JWs

    World...even more corrupt than it was in the first century--all 6 billion plus
    including babies

    Satan has been cast down--scriptural proof?
    anointed Christians--only JWs and then only 8,000 plus of them
    bearing witness to.........Jehovah? no Jesus!
    Rightly disposed people and teach them to be disciples of Christ (not Jehovah's

    Must be dedicated, baptized JW's
    *** w89 9/1 p. 19 Remaining Organized for Survival Into the Millennium ***
    Only Jehovah?s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the ?great crowd,?
    as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any
    Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated
    by Satan the Devil. (Revelation 7:9-17; 2 Corinthians 4:4) They will make up the
    'flesh' that Jesus Christ said would be saved through the worst tribulation of
    all human history.
    Blurb on page 26: For Jesus' followers, the world was a dangerous place

    The Trap of Immorality
    8 Toward the end of their 40-year trek in the wilderness, a large number of Israelites turned from the path of righteousness. They had witnessed many acts of deliverance by Jehovah, and soon they would march into the Promised Land. Yet, at that critical point, they turned to serving the gods of the Moabites.
    Why? They succumbed to "the desire of the flesh." (1 John 2:16) The record says:
    "The people started to have immoral relations with the daughters of Moab."-Numbers 25:1.

    The first issues discussed in the elders manual are sexual. So here.
    they succumbed to "the desire of the flesh"
    They--only the men

    How immoral relations with the daughters of Moab--was it the sex or the
    religious connotation. Could a Israelite man commit adultery with an unmarried
    woman? Were these women married? If not, there was no capital sexual offense
    under the law for fornication.

    9 That episode demonstrates the way wrong fleshly desires can corrupt unwary ones. We do well to learn from it, especially since immorality has become widely viewed as an acceptable lifestyle. (1 Corinthians 10: 6, 8) A report from the United States says: "Until around 1970, cohabitation [the practice of unmarried couples living together] was illegal in all American states. Now, it is routine. More than half of all first marriages are preceded by cohabitation." That and similar loose moral practices are not limited to one country. They are found all around the world, and sadly, some Christians have followed the trend-even losing their standing in the Christian congregation.-1 Corinthians 5:11.

    immorality has become widely viewed as an acceptable lifestyle
    "Until around 1970, cohabitation was illegal in all American states. Now, it is
    routine. More than half of all first marriages are preceded by cohabitation; and
    a quarter of unmarried women aged between 25 and 39 are cohabiting" (The
    Economist, February 6, 1999).
    Some Christians--only JWs

    Christian congregation--only JW congregations

    Euphemism for disfellowshipping/shunning--losing their standing in the Christian congregation

    Blurb on page 27: Children who are taught to love Jehovah will be fortified
    against immorality

    Who will protect them from the pedophiles in the congregation with immoral desires for children?

    10 Moreover, propaganda promoting immorality seems to be everywhere. Movies and television programs suggest that it is perfectly acceptable for young people to have sex before marriage. Homosexual relationships are depicted as normal. And many shows depict increasingly graphic sex. Pictures of graphic sex are also easily accessible on the Internet. For instance, a newspaper columnist reported
    that his seven-year-old son came home from school and excitedly told his father that a school friend had come across an Internet site showing naked women performing sex acts. The father was horrified, but how many children have come across such sites without telling their parents? In addition, how many parents know the contents of the video games their children play? Many popular games feature disgusting immorality, as well as demonism and violence.

    Propaganda promoting immorality
    How does the WTS handle sexual child abuse?

    What kind of graphic sex are children exposed to with unreported pedophiles
    roaming the JW congregations?

    Newspaper columnist--who? No name or source.

    How many children have come across such sites without telling their parents?

    How many elders have come across such sites without telling their wives or children or other elders?

    How many parents know the contents of the video games their children play?

    How many JWs know the contents of the video games the elders play?

    11 How can a family resist such degraded "entertainment"? By seeking first God's righteousness, refusing to get involved with anything immoral. (2 Corinthians 6:14; Ephesians 5:3) Parents who properly oversee their children's activities and inculcate in their children a love of Jehovah and his righteous laws fortify them against pornography, pornographic video games, immoral movies, and other
    unrighteous temptations.-Deuteronomy 6:4-9.* (Footnote: * Valuable suggestions for parents on protecting the family from immoral influences are found in the book The Secret of Family Happiness, published by Jehovah's Witnesses.)

    Refusing to get involved with anything immoral

    Is that why elders avoid handling child abuse cases and tell some to WAIT ON JEHOVAH?

    Love of Jehovah--where's Jesus?

    The biggest problem in the WTS is not the use of pornography and the practice of immorality among young JWs, but among elders, MS, and other adult JWs.

    The worst immoral influences were the JWs in the congregation.

    The Danger of Community Pressure
    12 When Paul was in Lystra in Asia Minor, he miraculously healed a man. The account says: "The crowds, seeing what Paul had done, raised their voices, saying in the Lycaonian tongue: `The gods have become like humans and have come down to us!' And they went calling Barnabas Zeus, but Paul Hermes, since he was the one taking the lead in speaking." (Acts 14:11, 12) Later those same crowds wanted to kill Paul and Barnabas. (Acts 14:19) Clearly, those people were very susceptible to community pressure. It seems that when some from that region became Christians, they did not lose their superstitious tendencies. In his letter to Christians in Colossae, Paul warned against the "worship of the angels."-Colossians 2:18.

    Susceptible to community pressure--of course, nothing like that happens in the JW congregation subject to making sure they don't "stumble" anyone they head for the low point. We must have unity even if the uniting point is wrong.

    Worship of the angels--worship of the "faithful and discreet slave"

    *** w02 10/1 p. 19 Cultivate Obedience as the End Draws Near ***

    By submitting to the slave class, God's people also show their subjection to the Master, Jesus Christ

    13 Today, true Christians likewise need to avoid popularly accepted customs based on false religious ideas that violate Christian principles. In some lands, for example, many customary ceremonies surrounding birth and death are based on the lie that we have a spirit that survives death. (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10) There are lands in which it is the custom to subject young girls to female genital mutilation.* (Footnote: * Female genital mutilation used to be called female circumcision.) This is a cruel, unnecessary practice that is out of harmony with the loving care that Christian parents owe their children. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7; Ephesians 6:4) How can Christians resist community pressures and abandon such practices? By having complete trust in Jehovah. (Psalm 31:6) The righteous God
    will strengthen and care for those who say to him from their heart: "You are my refuge and my stronghold, my God, in whom I will trust."-Psalm 91:2; Proverbs 29:25.

    True Christians--only JWs

    Popularly accepted customs based on false religious ideas--like wedding rings?

    *** g00 1/8 p. 27 A Balanced View of Popular Customs ***

    For example, many popular wedding customs-including the exchanging of rings and the eating of cake-may have pagan origins. Does this mean that Christians are forbidden to observe such customs? Are Christians required to scrutinize meticulously each custom of the community to see whether somewhere or at some time it had negative connotations?

    Which is why pinatas and luaus are allowed by the WTS but birthdays are not.

    Spirit that survives death--doesn't the WTS teach that the spirit survives death, returns to God?

    Female genital mutilation--missed opportunity to refer to previous WT article.

    Christian parents--only JW parents

    Christians--only JWs

    Trust in Jehovah--trust in Jesus--trust in the FDS?

    *** w85 11/15 p. 15 Can You Prepare Now for Persecution? ***

    Even more important, we should learn to trust "the faithful and discreet slave."

    Do Not Forget Jehovah

    14 Shortly before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, Jehovah warned them not to forget him. He said: "Watch out for yourself that you may not forget Jehovah your God so as not to keep his commandments and his judicial decisions and his statutes that I am commanding you today; for fear that you may eat and indeed satisfy yourself, and you may build good houses and indeed dwell in them,
    and your herd and your flock may increase, and silver and gold may increase for you, and all that is yours may increase; and your heart may indeed be lifted up and you may indeed forget Jehovah your God."-Deuteronomy 8:11-14.

    OT example

    Materialism alert--JWs are leaving the organization because they are greedy and have forgotten God, forgotten the WTS and donating money to them.

    15 Could something similar happen today? Yes, if we have the wrong priorities. However, if we seek first God's righteousness, pure worship will be the most important thing in our lives. We will, as Paul encouraged us to do, 'buy out the opportune time' and have a sense of urgency in our ministry.
    (Colossians 4:5; 2 Timothy 4:2) If, though, meeting attendance and field service are less important to us than relaxation or finding ways to have a good time, we could forget Jehovah in the sense of viewing him as secondary in our lives. Paul said that in the last days, men would be "lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God." (2 Timothy 3:4) Sincere Christians examine themselves regularly to be sure that they are not influenced by that kind of thinking.-2 Corinthians 13:5.

    Wrong priorities--as determined by the WTS

    Pure worship...meeting attendance and field service

    Secondary in our life--the only way to put God first is to spend 5 hours a week studying WT propaganda, woops, publications and spend at least 1 hour a month giving the appearance of trying to "place" those publications with non-JWs.

    Forget Jehovah--the WTS has already forgotten Jesus

    Sincere Christians--JWs that give their money to the WTS

    examine themselves regularly--are examined regularly by the elders having their spirituality judged

    Blurb on page 28: Some Israelites forgot Jehovah after they became
    prosperous in the Promised Land

    Beware of an Independent Spirit
    16 In Eden, Satan successfully appealed to Eve's selfish desire for independence. Eve wanted to make her own decisions about right and wrong. (Genesis 3:1-6) In the first century, some in the Corinthian congregation had a similar independent spirit. They thought they knew better than Paul, and he
    sarcastically called them superfine apostles. -2 Corinthians 11:3-5; 1 Timothy 6:3-5.

    selfish desire for independence...make her own decisions about right and wrong

    Of course, now "Christians" let the WTS/FDS/GB/elders make their decisions.

    *** w04 2/15 p. 19 Guard Against Deception ***

    If you find yourself making decisions or acting in ways that are questionable in the eyes of balanced, experienced fellow believers, you might ask yourself, 'Could it be that my conscience has not been properly trained or that my heart is deceiving me?

    Knew better than Paul--knew better than the FDS

    Superfine apostles--today the WTS would be letting Paul know they know better than him since he wasn't even a member of the GB, and was only the equivalent of a circuit or district overseer.

    17 In the world today, many are "head strong, puffed up with pride," and some Christians have been influenced by that way of thinking. Some have even become opposers of the truth. (2 Timothy 3:4; Philippians 3:18) When it comes to pure worship, it is vital that we look to Jehovah for direction and cooperate with "the faithful and discreet slave" and the congregation elders. That is a way to
    seekr ighteousness, and it protects us from developing an independent spirit. (Matthew 24:45-47; Psalm 25:9, 10; Isaiah 30: 21) The congregation of the anointed is "a pillar and support of the truth." Jehovah has provided it to protect and guide us. (1 Timothy 3:15) Recognizing its vital role will help us
    to `do nothing out of egotism' as we humbly submit to Jehovah's righteous will.-Philippians 2:2-4; Proverbs 3:4-6.

    Christians--only JWs

    puffed up with pride, headstrong--influenced by that way of thinking

    opposers of the truth--apostates

    pure worship--WTS doctrine only

    Jehovah for direction...cooperate with the FDS/elders--Jehovah = FDS/elders

    congregation--in the Bible that only word only means anointed Christians, technically the great crowd are not part of the "congregation of God"

    humbly submit--to God or the FDS?

    Another reason the WTS discourages higher education.

    *** w89 9/15 p. 23 Be Obedient to Those Taking the Lead ***

    In the world, there is a tendency to reject leadership. As one lecturer said: "The rising education level has improved the talent pool such that followers have become so critical that they are almost impossible to lead."

    *** w83 1/15 p. 22 Exposing the Devil's Subtle Designs ***

    How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the counsel that is provided by God's visible organization. For example, God's organization has from time to time given warnings about listening to certain types of immoral and suggestive music, and about frequenting discos and other types of worldly dance halls where such music is played and people are known to engage in immoral conduct. (1 Corinthians 15:33) Yet certain ones have professed to know better. They have rebelled against such counsel and have done what is right in their own eyes. With what result? Very often they have become involved in sexual immorality and have suffered severe spiritual harm.

    Blurb on page 29: Like Jesus, Christians hate unrighteousness

    Christians--only JWs

    Hate unrighteousness--hate the "unrighteous," all non-JWs

    Be Imitators of Jesus
    18 Of Jesus, the Bible prophetically says: "You have loved righteousness and you hate wickedness." (Psalm 45:7; Hebrews 1:9) What a fine attitude to imitate! (1 Corinthians 11:1) Jesus did not merely know Jehovah's upright standards; he loved them. So when Satan tempted him in the wilderness, Jesus was unhesitating and firm in his refusal to stray from "the path of righteousness." -Proverbs 8:20; Matthew 4:3-11.

    Hate wickedness or the wicked?

    It is important to "know" what the unchanging standards of God are, then you can love them.

    Not like the flipflop standards of the WTS

    Superior authorities
    Rape--scream or not to scream
    Organ transplants
    Resurrection of people of Sodom and Gomorrah

    19 True, the unrighteous desires of the flesh can be strong. (Romans 7:19, 20) Still, if righteousness is precious to us, this will strengthen us against wickedness. (Psalm 119:165) A deep love of righteousness will shield us when we are confronted by what is wrong. (Proverbs 4:4-6) Remember, whenever we give in to temptation, we give Satan a victory. How much better to resist him and give
    the victory to Jehovah! -Proverbs 27:11; James 4:7, 8.

    Shield us from what is wrong

    Wrong according to God or the WTS?

    Right--until 1967--organ transplants
    Wrong--1967-1980--organ transplants
    Right--1980 to present--organ transplants

    Victory to Jehovah--where's Jesus?

    20 Because they seek righteousness, true Christians are "filled with righteous fruit, which is through Jesus Christ, to God's glory and praise." (Philippians 1:10, 11) They put on "the new personality which was created according to God's will in true righteousness and loyalty." (Ephesians 4:24) They belong to Jehovah and live to serve him, not to please themselves. (Romans 14:8; 1 Peter 4:2) That is what governs their thoughts and actions. What delight they bring to the heart of their heavenly Father! -Proverbs 23:24.

    true Christians--only JWs

    *** w96 2/15 p. 8 We Have Reason to Cry Out for Joy ***

    Yet, as true Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses have joy.

    *** w87 3/1 p. 13 'Upon the Watchtower I Am Standing' ***

    1931: "A New Name"-henceforth the name Jehovah's Witnesses would set true Christians apart from apostate Christendom

    righteous fruit--pedophiles? associating with the scarlet-colored wild beast (UN)?

    Belong to Jehovah--not to Christ?

    (Romans 1:6) 6 among which [nations] YOU also are those called to belong to Jesus Christ. . .

    (1 Corinthians 3:23) 23 in turn YOU belong to Christ; Christ, in turn, belongs to God.

    (1 Corinthians 15:23) 23 But each one in his own rank: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who belong to the Christ during his presence. . .

    (Galatians 3:28-29) . . .. 29 Moreover, if YOU belong to Christ, YOU are really Abraham's seed, heirs with reference to a promise.

    Concluding Comments

    Seeking righteousness will protect us--doing what the WTS says without question will make sure JWs aren't labeled weak or worse are shunned by family and "friends"

    When it came violence and immorality in entertainment, the elders homes were the best places to go. One sister told me she went to view a movie that she recognized had been R in the theaters and quite "immoral." The elder said not to worry, he knew where the "bad" parts were and would fast forward through them. Duh!

    The last time through the CO said the WTS was losing many elders and MS because of..........pornography. If the "pillars" are setting the wrong example, what will the rank and file do?

    Also, throughout this article the message is that only JWs are righteous and every non-JW is riddled with unrighteousness. Not true, not true. No wonder the rank and file wonder why they should go door to door to talk to people who are already doomed by the WTS.

    Next week: Do Not Allow Place for the Devil...did the devil make you do it?

    Love, Blondie

    Can You Explain?
    - Why is it vital to seek righteousness?
    - How can an imperfect Christian seek righteousness?
    - What are some things in the world that a Christian has to avoid?
    - How does seeking righteousness protect us?

    1, 2. What decision did a young Christian make, and why did she make that
    3. What is righteousness?
    4. Why is righteousness important to a Christian?
    5. How can imperfect creatures seek righteousness?
    6. Why was the world a dangerous place for the early Christians?
    7. What responsibilities require that a Christian resist corrupting
    8. Why did the Israelites turn to worshipping the gods of the Moabites?
    9, 10. What situation today makes it vital always to keep in mind the
    corrupting power of wrong fleshly desires?
    11. How can a family be protected from the immorality of the world?
    12. What problem arose in the first century?
    13. What are some customs that a Christian has to avoid, and how can he find
    the strength to do so?
    14. What warning did Jehovah give the Israelites shortly before they entered the
    Promised Land?
    15. How can we be sure that we are not forgetting Jehovah?
    16. What wrong spirit was manifested by Eve and by some in Paul's day?
    17. How can we avoid developing an independent spirit?
    18. We are encouraged to imitate Jesus in what ways?
    19, 20. What are the good results of seeking righteousness?

  • billyboy

    A tremendous effort goes into this highly critical analysis. The writer has diligently copied all of the paragraphs and basically tried to tear the Watchtower article apart (perhaps she(? - presumably - an alias is used) has some clever character recognition software to reduce the time spent on this activity). There is little , if any , acceptance of any point whatsoever in the article - it is all condemned. This appears to be a weekly effort.Occasionally the writer makes a legitimate point but when she starts from such a negative basis , it is difficult to consistently sustain this.

    Sorry to be ignorant - can I ask - what is the point? Do all ex-JWs spend hours pouring over the latest WT study article trying to pull it apart? Any what motives are involved here - "encouraging" existing ex-JWs that they have made the right decision to leave or giving much needed "food at the proper time" ammunition to still-in JWs who are too lazy or too "brainwashed" to study and analyse the articles themselves? Just asking - don't burn me out.

  • Inquisitor

    Dear billyboy

    I'm glad you're able to recognize that Blondie has invested no small amount of effort in the weekly Watchtower articles. While I cannot speak for Blondie and I'm not here to judge whether she's as pedantic as you imply, I believe there are several advantages to writing up a critical piece like this.

    1) It's a great way to get things of your chest.

    2) It alerts others to the biased style of writing emplyed by the FDS.

    How many times have we had to sit and listen to Sister Zealous or Bro. Holy Balls happily comment to reinforce the WTS dogma on:

    the wickedness of this world ("there is nothing good left in it, Amen"),

    higher education,

    materialism ("simplify your life, but don't let the KH funds run into deficit, mind you!"),

    reading of any material that contradicts the WTS, even if it is from a secular source ("APOSTASY!!!"),


    There is little, if any ,acceptance of any point whatsoever THAT CONTRADICTS the article - it is all condemned. This appear to be a weekly effort TOO. Why are you not disturbed by this, billyboy?

    When "discussing" the above topics, yes I admit the WTS occassionally makes a legitimate point, but do THEY not continue on a NEGATIVE BASIS?

    And why does the WTS keep HARPING on the same issues again and again, sustaining the negativity of their followers towards other religions, towards their non-JW associates, towards any form of secular career? WHAT IS THEIR POINT? WHAT ARE THEIR MOTIVES for doing so?

    To encourage current JW zealots they have made the right decision to stick with the organization?

    To provide "food at the proper time" for still-in JWs who're too lazy or too brainwashed to realize that the WTS is intellectually dishonest?


  • peacefulpete

    After years of indoctrinating a fear to question the WTS many need this site and posters like Blondie to analyze their writings to better understand what happened to them and remind them why they left.

  • billyboy

    "After years of indoctrinating a fear to question the WTS many need this site and posters like Blondie to analyze their writings to better understand what happened to them and remind them why they left. "

    Do they? Does Blondie analyse (def:analyze: consider in detail in order to discover essential features or meaning) the writings or does she more accurately criticise (def:knock: find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws)?

  • jgnat

    I am sure Blondie and I could come up with an excellent bible study that promotes the fruitage of the spirit. And, I can confirm, that Blondie is indeed, female, and not anonymous to me. She's a treat.

    BUT, this weekly critique is just that. It is a deliberate and complete critical review of the weekly material provided to Jehovah's Witnesses. JW's are not taught to be critical of their own work. Typically also, they don't have a lot of experience analyzing material for logical flaws or manipulative language. By dissecting the complete article, Blondie points out how we can critically review the literature for flaws.

    I started out studying the Watchtower articles for biblical flaws, but I've found over time that few articles are full-blown bible studies. As Blondie points out so well, these are really SERMONS intended to draw out a particular line of BEHAVIOR in the congregations. The bible is used as backup rather than the source.

    And you are right billyboy, Blondie scans the articles to save on typing time. She can't type as fast as she used to. But ME, all these words are mine, painfully keyed in by hand. (OK, not painfully. I'm still limber)

  • mjarka911

    Hello Billyboy and welcome to the board. I would like nothing better than to just "walk away" from the cult I was born and raised in, but even though I disassosiated myself and am devoting my time to living my life as a good person - I have countless family and friends that still unquestionably accept everything the WT writes. Do you believe and live everything the WT says? If not, why not? Only by critically thinking about one's positions on various issues can you truly say they are your own. It is my most sincere hope that my family and friends can read an article like this one and publicly accept and reject what makes sense to them.

  • cyber-sista
    The head of the department told the young woman that he would employ her permanently and even give her a higher position, provided she would have an immoral relationship with him. This she flatly refused, even though it would mean the loss of her employment.
    2 Was that young Christian woman unrealistic? No, she was carefully following Jesus' words: "Keep on, then, seeking first ... [God's] righteousness." (Matthew 6:33) For her, following righteous principles was far more important than gaining an advantage by means of committing sexual immorality. -1 Corinthians 6:18.

    How can you not be critical of something so poorly written? Was it unrealistic that she didn't sleep with her boss? I think this question is an insult to the readers.

    So how many of you have had your job put on the line unless you slept with the
    boss. I have worked almost 50 years and this only happened once. I know that
    there are many, many NON-JWs in the same situation who "flatly refused, even
    though it would mean the loss" of their jobs.

    exactly blondie

    Again the WT leads the readers to assume that others (nonJW) would believe this woman to be unrealistic.

    So,it is a double insult here to the reader and to non-JWs.

    The WTdialog is patronizing to all.


  • Gary1914

    Billyboy, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect your courage in questioning Blondie's efforts each week to analyze the Watchtower.

    I am still one of Jehovah's Witnesses and indeed, am an elder in my congregation. However, since I am so close to the organization it is sometimes difficult for me to discern what they are really trying to tell us in their writings. That is why I come to this Board and to Blondie's weekly Watchtower "study". It helps me to see what the Governing Body is really trying to say, what they really want us to think and do. It is an invaluable aid to all ex-witnesses and witnesses too. Thank you Blondie, very much!

    Billyboy, I suggest that you look for Blondie's breakdown of the Watchtower each week and not be so judgmental of her tremendous and selfless efforts.

    If you yourself have gleaned something different than Blondie from the weekly Watchtower study, we would all be glad to read whatever it is you have to tell us. We can all learn from one another.

    Welcome to the Board!

  • xjwms


    This was a great review. WOW, .. how many times did the word 'christians' show up in this one.

    many thanks

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