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  • stillajwexelder

    Wouldn't this be the 4th time they have studied this book, or only the 3rd?

    We have studied it 3 times already - if it happens again it will be the 4th time

  • seattleniceguy

    Sweet. I can just imagine the absurdity of sitting around in living rooms in 2007, actually trying to convince yourself that trumpet blasts written in Revelation correspond to rinky-dink assemblies 80 years ago.

    This is cool. This should help at least some of my friends see the lunacy.


  • rebel8
    Br'er M.J., I do believe you were born and raised in that thar briar patch.

    OMG, I was just thinking that same thing!!!!!!!!! Ah, I think I learned a lot more life lessons from Walt Disney than anyone else!


  • Nosferatu

    Wouldn't surprise me if they study it again. The WT has been doing a lousy job at releasing new books every year for the past 10 years or so. Wouldn't doubt if this year they get another shitty brochure and a crummy tract.

    Perhaps they'll distribute stickers to put over the revised parts of the book!

  • heathen

    Studying that would be like what I saw on snl last week with steve martin playing an author that wrote a bunch of lies that had a little bit of truth to them . LMAO Just sit there and rip pages out when it gets a little too obvious that it is nothing but fiction . The illustrations in the book are pretty good tho .....

    Maybe they should make the new volumes with pop ups . HE HE ........... or a coloring book

  • stillajwexelder

    At least I kep my old book - so I will not need to prepare - after studying 3 times there are copius markings and annotations in the margins ; headers; footers etc

  • Trojan

    I remember when I was in second grade, i took the bright red book to school (to prepare and because we where told, that preparing in school would give a good witness). So, there I am sitting at lunch time and underlining my answers. This really wacky guy comes around and actually found me cool (he was the kind of guy that nobody would relate to) and grabs the book, sees the harlot riding the beast....and puts it down, looked at me, saying: "Wow, I didn't knew you where into "Dragons and Dungeons"-books, I love Fantasy books...."

    He talked and talked about these weird comics and books he was reading (Vampires, witches, John Sinclair stuff). I never stopped him, telling him that this was actually REAL, that I BELIEVED the HARLOT really sitting on that beast....he was so fascinated with my reading material. After that he became a good friend of mine.....but, LOL, picture this: the idea of taking the book to school was to atract some interested guy, and finally I was attracting this really whacky kid.....

    Another experience I remember with that book. I had an elder in my hall that was the absolute fundamentalist JW. Really fanatic about everything (the kind of guy that wouldn't paint his house, because Armaggedon comes tomorrow...) He had a bible study with some older guy, and his study had to enter the hospital for surgery....being there this bible study starts talking to the doctors and nurses about the beasts of Revelation, but because he is new to this stuff, puzzles all and doesn't get things "right" he was VERY convinced that there was some red dragon out there.....

    LOL....they put him down in psychiatry for two weeks, under medicamentation and observing if he was all right in his mind....the elder in my hall was worried, that the guy ended up in that level because of HIM telling him this crap....ROFLMAO!


  • Think

    The title should be:

    GrandOrgasm at my hand !

  • AuldSoul

    Okay, here's the scoop thoroughly confirmed by several sources.

    Starting January 8, 2007 the Congregation Book Study will be from the publication Revelation—Its Grand Climax At Hand! I am curious to see whether there will be a copyright revision and update or whether it will come out as is, warts and all.

    Starting April 17, 2006, the CBS will be from the publication What Does the Bible Really Teach? I am sure we are all looking forward to that Pablum being spit-up from the mouths of our loved ones.

    At no time during the next two years will the Congregation Book Study change its name to the Congregation Bible Study, because they all KNOW they are studying the book—not the Bible. The weekly consideration of the Watchtower will continue to be called the same name it has been called for decades for similar reasons.

    The Serve-us Meeting (<--- phonetic subliminalization, common hypnotist technique) will continue to inspire millions to serve an organization they don't really know much about. The Theo-cratic Ministry School will continue to be governed by the Service Desk—which is still headed up by Theo Jaracz—thereby proving that the organization is ruled by Theo.

    Any question, please PM me or reply here. I may not get to it until tomorrow, however.


  • AuldSoul


    Here are the timings of the other three CBS of the Rev book:

    1. April 89-June 1990
    2. March 91-October 1992
    3. October 1994-April 1996

    So, when it considered again there will be 14- and 15-year-olds who've never studied it, and 20-year-olds who weren't old enough to determine whether they believed it. Should make for some interesting new additions to our Internet family, eh?


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