Anybody ever had their Aura photo taken?

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I had mine done a few weeks ago, and also my chakras.

    My colours for my aura photograph were predominately green with some blue.

    If you've had yours done, what colours showed up, and do you think the interpretation was correct?


  • TheListener

    I've never heard of this before. Well, I've heard of chakra but not a chakra aura. I've never heard of aura colors. What do they indicate? where do they come from?

  • Lilycurly

    From what I remember about it, they say that very saintly/spiritual people (Buddha, Jesus, etc.)have a lot of gold color in their aura, and that would be why they were portrayed with the halo...

    Also that people with a lot of black or dark in their aura are supposed to be persons we should be careful with...lots of negativity, I think.

  • Elsewhere

    By what means are these "Auras" photographed?

  • Gretchen956

    I had mine done, it was white predominately. They told me that meant I was very spiritual. As I consider myself to be very spiritual I didn't argue! I'll have to look up the meanings.


  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    Your aura is light emited from the body the visibility of which is caused by such things as magnetic fields, ultra violet light or uv light. They are very hard to see by the untrained eye let alone photograph. You are right in saying that bright lights are ommited by trustworthy people and those of a sound spiritual mind. Whereas dark lights are associated with untrustworthy, false teachers or people with something to hide.

    Although predominately visible around the head light can be seen around the body, usually blue, to highlight ailments. This is commonly used by healers in diagnosis and provides a focus point for precision healing.

  • Shazard

    I am aware of two phenomen called "aura photo".
    One is Kirlian effect, that actually is Corona Discharge, and it depends on the surface you are photographing. Not aura, but the Gas (air) starts to glow because of pure phisics.
    Second is pure fake. In general it is electromagnetic field measurment and then fancy software "enchances" simple photo by colored spots which does not have anything with aura. Also there are some specific "aura" photocameras, which actually has light diods build in them, and when you are photographed, then some parts of the phtoto tape is lightened by the diods. You don't see the diods as they are hidden in the camera itself. Similar "aura" you get sometims when you photo and some sidereflection falls into photo camera.
    You have been fooled! Interesting how much $$$ you spend to get fooled?

  • VM44

    Mulan wrote once here that she can see a person's aura!

    Mark_hughes, I like your avatar! Where can I get a larger picture of it?

    I wonder if cats have auras like humans?


  • skyman

    Shazard If Aura's are fake and a trick of photography then why can my wife see them around people. She see some Aura's around people and she know they are bad people because of the aura's.

  • skyman

    Forgot to tell you she see's a nice Aura around me one that tells her I am kind and good.

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