Anybody ever had their Aura photo taken?

by Bumble Bee 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • MuadDib

    No, you have to go to one of the twelve primary Masonic lodges which have the transdimensional psitronic generators (powered by pieces of the Holy Grail [actually a primary component of an extraterrestrial hyperspace drive {invented on earth by primordial humans who lived before the dinosaurs}]) necessary to reach Atlantis where the aliens, helped by wealthy Jews, secretly maintain aura photographing technology accidentally brought to earth by a secret Nazi experiment further developed by the Soviets.

    Christ, maybe I should just write this book myself.

  • DannyBloem

    I had my auta protographed one time (at a party)

    It is kind of B.S.
    you have to hold some wire or somethnig (I forget some of the details of that party) one with each hand. I guess they measure the current ressistance of both hands and compose a picture of this.
    So, I made sure that one hand was cold, the other was warm. I had the most screwed picture they had ever seen. They had a hard time explaining it

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    I was having a bad aura day when I got photographed the first time.

    So I went to Glamour Aura Shots the 2nd time to get much better head shots for my portfolio.

    My aura had lots of pastel colors and a little bit of day glo yellow and orange. So, I've changed my name to Sonny Crokett and now live on my boat w/ my pet alligator.

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