Advice is to Beat the kids......still!

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  • MinisterAmos

    When I started studying, it was with a Special Pioneer and his spouse. Both were in their 70's. The wife advised me that "a good spanking" would get my 1 Y/O daughter to "behave". She also counseled me to "get rid of" the family cat. Not sure why but she felt it would be a good thing. Farking lunatics I tell you.

    Their son is an Elder in the congregation and never have I seen such a haunted face. It would be either Elder or Serial Killer for him.

  • FairMind
    I'm afraid the WTBTS is still into child beating

    I don't think they are into child beating at all. After all, the Bible does allow for corporal punishment and any religion that claims to be guided by the Bible should acknowledge this. Of course if one does not believe the Bible is God's word they can choose to make up their own minds about what is right and what is wrong.

  • Beep,Beep

    ""I'm afraid the WTBTS is still into child beating""

    Sorry but that's not my experience. Witnesses DO NOT condone beating children. Why is it that bad parenting skills are automatically blamed on this allegedly "All Powerful W.B.&T.S?"

    I was a child that acted up. We have a daughter that acted up. My parents did not beat me, we did not be our child. Sorry but shame on your parents, they were the ones who are at fault. Why can't you see it for yourselves? Why try to place the blame where it does not belong?

  • serendipity

    The WT approves of spankings. Then individual JWs take that to the extreme, like almost everything else. Then they try to convince others to do the same. People give in to peer pressure and eventually there exists a hostile and abusive environment in a congregation for children. I can't tell you how many times I was told that a good spanking with a switch would cure my daughter of her fidgety-ness.

    However, this dynamic can work the opposite way as well. I'm glad to say that in my current congregation, I've NEVER seen or heard a child spanked in the restroom or outside the hall -that's in 10 years.

  • liberatedwoman

    When I attended a cong in a very rural area of the south (soundtrack of banjo music, please) it was very much the norm to take children out of the KH for "bad behavior" ie fidgeting, playing...being normal kids..for a spanking. Use of a switch or belt was not uncommon. I was counselled on a number of occassions by elders (some of whom had as much as a third grade education!!!) that I needed to punish my 4 more often and more vigorously. Their father also tried to get me to stop letting them sleep in meetings, and not to bring toys for them when they were really small..without success.

    My crew got spanked but NOT beaten (and will now admit that my spankings never hurt, and they richly deserved them - and would have got more had I known half the stuff they got up to LOL)

  • Tigerman

    Maybe the kids are not being spanked at the Kingdom Halls but they ARE being pinched on the leg so that they will be quiet, sit still and pay attention. I know this for a fact for I have seen it done . . .go ahead, have someone pinch the livin' crap out of your leg and tell me whether or not it hurts. That's just being f.....g mean !

    I'd love to have someone hold down a couple of elders- I know- for me so I could pinch them. You'd hear their screams a block away.

  • InquiryMan

    I’d like to refer to my posting on a European point of view above. Could it be that the cultural attitude towards corporal punishment influence how the JWs emphasize this locally? I’d strongly say that it is de-emphasized, even spoken against, in Scandinavian countries, whereas in Southern parts of Europe, e.g. Greese/Spain etc where this is more culturally accepted, it is also accepted among JWs. Not so strange perhaps?

  • TallTexan
    obviously you have taken up the worship of satan

    Ah...typical JW...anyone who has left is automatically a Satan worshipper, a liar, and a slanderer. One question -

    Has the R&F gotten so dumbed down that they don't know how to spell, capitalize, or punctuate? Ezra and PMJ really need to go back to school, or at the least pick up a Writer's Handbook.

    I got a lot of spankings growing up. I probably needed them, though, and I'm not emotionally scarred or anything. I have a great relationship with my parents. I agree that 'beating your child with a rod' is a bad idea, but half of the problems with today's kids is that parents are afraid to give their kids a good whipping from time to time. All this Dr. Spock 'no discipline' mentality has raised a generation of rude, lazy, insolent children who have to be told 10 times to do something. I agree that many JW's take it to extreme, as do many 'worldly' people. Child abuse happens everywhere and I think it's a little short-sighted to say that only JW's 'beat' their kids. It may perhaps be a little more acceptable in public (meaning at the KH), but I hardly think that the quoted scripture was a green light to beat your kid with a rod.

    I do remember this one kid in our hall and we used to laugh at him because his daddy would take him outside and then come back in buckling up his belt. I don't know why, but when we were kids it seemed kind of funny. Like his dad was such a big man and had to show everyone that he just beat his kid. He was a pretty bad kid, though.

  • Gill

    Spankings and beatings do not make good children. Love and correction do.

    Spankings and beatings create fear, especially since research shows that they are usually carried out in rage, frustration and anger. But then, you'd have to be a real 'sicko' to sit quietly and calmly with your child and explain 'why' you have to beat them first.

    If God was so clever and all knowing, he would have worked out for himself that spanking kids does not equal teaching them anything.

    We have all been in classes where a teacher can control an unruly class with a look. Strength of character and disipline, ie detention can do that. Fear of annoying such a person was enough to control a class. I remember a tiny little science teacher, a woman. NO ONE EVER MESSED UP IN HER CLASS, EVER!

    Smacking is unnecessary for a parent to control kids.

    My sons are all bigger than me. If they don't do what I say, I give them a computer ban or TV ban, or take away a privilige. I scowl, when normally I'd smile. I mean what I say.

    I learnt NOT to smack children. It doesn't work. So why doesn't the God of the Bible know this?

  • Pubsinger

    I've wondered about this.

    We left in '99 when our daughter was just under 2. In the 6 years since it is fair to say that a new generation of parents have emerged in a world where smacking has been addressed and is becoming more and more culturally unacceptable and punishable although not totally eradicated.

    We've all heard reports of a parent who smacks a child in public (doctors surgery, supermarket etc) being reported to the police, who are then forced to take action, with the ensuing court cases and debates on daytime TV and radio.

    I was brought up as a JW and had my fairshare of smacks. I dont consider myself damaged or abused. It was just a different time. Things change and I would never dream of smacking my own kids.

    No-one seems to be saying if they canfirm that smacking goes on now at KHs as a matter of course.

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