has your language changed since you left?

by fullofdoubtnow 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    Not much, I rarely use obscene words and that happens only when I get really angry. I gave up all the JW lingo long ago words like the truth, the worldly people, etc

  • limbogirl

    i've definitely dropped the witness speak but haven't added anything new to my language. i find that talking to my mother can be irritating because her speech is littered with witness speak and it drives me nuts. i never noticed it when i was a jw because i was speaking the same language. now everytime she says her "conscience is bothering her" or she "corrected someone's thinking" i want to scream.

  • Finally-Free

    I am less profane now than when I was a JW, probably because there are fewer things in life that are pissing me off.


  • Gill

    Yep! I could make a sailor blush and....I've invented quite a few profanities of my own!!

    I even allow myself the privilige of saying 'bloody' in front of my JW parents. They'll get over it. I hear my sister uses the 'F' word in front of them and they haven't had a stroke yet!

  • damselfly

    I can swear like a sailor

    I am much more outspoken since being out of the org, both for myself and others. Can't shut me up if I see someone bieng treated unfairly.


  • joelbear

    maintenant, je parle francais.

  • Tuesday

    I swear a bit less now, it's not like I'm rebelling from anything anymore so the novelty has worn off a bit. I still have a bad mouth, but it's not nearly as bad as it was when I was a witness. I remember actually dropping the F-Bomb in the Kingdom hall before, that was a different expirience.

  • Jamelle

    I swore privately and under my breath when I was still a JW. Angry teenager and all that...

    I swear quite a bit now and I don't even notice it most of the time.

    My new favorite comes to me courtesy of a SciFi show. "Frack" slips out more than the true "F" word now. Which cracks me up when I notice it. How geeky am I? LOL

    If I'm in front of people I don't know, or around kids, I cool the swearing. But if I'm feeling relaxed and comfortable with those around me, I definitely can have a colorful vocabulary.

  • observador

    yep! I now say all the expletives, a-z, but only at the right occasions. And I feel good...

    I came back to being a normal [beeeep] human being.

    Pure language my [beeeep] .


  • Nellie

    umm.... yup

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