has your language changed since you left?

by fullofdoubtnow 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • LittleToe


    I spend the first decade of my working life on a building site as a Joiner/Carpenter, so dropping the occasional "B" word was never too much of an eyebrow raiser. I still don't cuss very often, and like Rekless, find the F-bomb kinda stupid. The way it's commonly used just makes it meaningless.

    Ironically, words like ass and damn aren't really classed as full-out swear words in Britain. Seeing parents running for cover covering their children's ears, when I was over in the States, was an interesting experience

  • Dismembered

    Just call me a drunken sailor


  • Phil


    Spoken like a true Quebecker.

  • luna2

    I still don't swear in public much, but in the car? In my JW days I would try not to even think those words. LOL

  • reneeisorym

    Yes it has changed.

    I added the words grace, church, Lord, rapture, bless (you), deacon, preacher.

    I removed the words organization, field service, meeting attendence, ministerial servant, the truth, worldly people, cultivate interest, pioneering, secular education, theocratic goals. And I say Jehovah a lot less and Father a lot more.

    I cursed a lot more as a JW. I think it was the rebellion thing. Now I only curse when I am frustrated on rare occasions. I do things knowing I want to please my loving Father. Not that I think cursing is necessarily wrong but I just don't feel the need to curse. It doesn't feel rebellious but it also doesn't seem like it serves any purpose. Because I am no longer a JW, I don't think that it only matters if the elders hear it nor to I think of God as some Master over slaves.

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