Would you want Jesus as a friend?

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  • Honesty
    I know countless lovely people who don't accept Jesus as their saviour and yet JESUS in the GOSPEL OF JOHN tells me that they face the 'wrath of God' (John 3:36 ). I'm not sure I want Jesus as my friend.

    Think about it like this:

    You and I and every other human who was, is and will be are born sinners. We also are inclined to sin by our nature. Since God is Holy, He cannot allow sin into heaven. Therefore, we are all condemned sinners who deserve to face God's wrath because of our sinful nature.

    God made an escape plan for us because of His love for the human race through the shed blood of Jesus. Jesus paid the price for our sins and won victory over death on the cross in 30 A.D. God gave humans free will. We can accept Jesus' sacrifice as a gift or we can reject it. It's entirely up to each one of us to make our own decision. It's all pretty simple.

    John 3:36 The one who believes in the Son has eternal life, but the one who refuses to believe in the Son will not see life; instead, the wrath of God remains on him.

  • LittleToe


    As for the genuineness of my question, it was genuine in the sense that I was trying to help born again Christians to see that Jesus can be just as 'nasty' as the 'wicked Watchtower god' that they sometimes refer to.

    You confess that you had an ulterior motive, then?

    It's a good subject, btw. No harm, no foul. Just let it breathe a little before you begin steering it

  • Woodsman

    Little Toe,

    My comment was from a premise of WT doctrine where Jesus has killed people in the past and will kill more in the future. Other Christian religions hold similiar views.

    The WT, many other Christian faiths and the Bible do not account for mentally ill people who are incapable of making informed decisions. I know first hand of JWs who helped out a mentally ill person while they called on her and she "studied". When the witnesses could not convince this person to become a witness they stopped offering assistance and abandoned her. People are accountable with their lives based on what they do with their minds. Well I know that minds don't always work right and I don't think the Bible accounts for that. Hence my comment.

    The WT and others have what I believe to be a simplistic view of human sexual identity. I think it reflects the scientific understanding of many years ago. I believe gender ambiguity is a term used to describe someone who is neither male nor female. Not just by outer appearances but physiologically and genetically. Wrong chromosomes, missing chromosomes, both genital organs, and any range in between. I remember a WT article highlighting how Jehovah made them, "male and female he made them". It was pretty insensitive to those who don't fit the bill and I feel the Bible is as well. Hence my comment.

    Hope that helps.

  • lonelysheep

    No, thank you.

    I'm content with being around imperfect humans forever.

  • LittleToe


    Hope that helps.

    'Fraid not. Are you talking about Jehovah or Jesus, from a JW perspective? I don't recall him making any statements about those with ambiguous genders, nor him being stated as killing anyone. There are some visions of John taht speak of him allegedly going to do something like that in the future, but is someone jailed for what they are allegedly going to do? Are you sure you aren't mixing him up with the OT Jehovah, or the NT Paul?

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  • Bstndance

    I already have a friend named Jesus.

  • Woodsman

    Little Toe,

    The post is about Jesus. It is the Watchtowers's doctrine that Jesus was the angel that did much of the killing for Jehovah in the Old Testament.

    I stated originally that I disapproved of Jesus killing anyone who doesn't believe in him. The WTS's doctrine is that Jesus will do this at armageddon. I didn't say he should go to jail for this now but that he couldn't be my friend unless he was willing to budge on this.

    I didn't say Jesus made statements about the sexually ambiguous but that I would explain to him about such ones. The fact that he didn't make any statements about them but only men and women actually bolsters my point.

    Is it late where you live? Sorry, what I mean is I hope I explained myself better.

  • LittleToe

    Funny guy

    You've clarified your statements a little better - thanks for that.

    I'm going to be up for another couple of hours, as it's vigil night...

  • Woodsman

    JW Tidbits:

    (2 Kings 19:35) 35 And it came about on that night that the angel of Jehovah proceeded to go out and strike down a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the camp of the As·syr´i·ans. . .


    w76 1/15 p. 54 The Coming Deliverance from the Anti-Religious "Ax" ***

    What will follow in fulfillment of the ancient prophetic drama The Watchtower under date of April 1, 1945, pages 108, 109, explains:

    . . . Then Jehovah’s witnesses, sheltered within his Theocratic organization, will be under siege and will seem threatened with destruction by the overwhelming hosts of the antitypical Assyrian, Satan the Devil. Yet be not anxious of such a future: Jehovah will fight the battle for his remnant and their companions. He will perform his "strange act" at Armageddon, as he did thousands of years ago in the land of Judah, ‘for his own sake and for the sake of his beloved King.’ Doubtless by that same Son of God who served as the angel to slay 185,000 of Sennacherib’s hosts and send him reeling back to his own violent death, namely, by his reigning King-Son, Christ Jesus, will Jehovah God go forth to battle and will wreak destruction upon the wicked challenger’s world-organization. Like Sennacherib, Satan the Devil will see his visible organization on earth utterly laid low in death. Next he will see his invisible organization of demons dissolved in destruction, and will finally himself be wiped out violently. No demon power will be able to save him.

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