Would you want Jesus as a friend?

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Definately, and how wonderful that Jesus is going to take down the system and bring a new beautiful one....Haven't we suffered enough? Don't we all love a good Clint Eastwood movie where the evil and bad guys is stopped no matter what it takes...??

  • Odrade

    So, does that mean you wouldn't want Jesus as a friend because of the letters and Revelations, but Jehovah gets a pass for all the baby and sheep killing?

  • scout575

    Star Moore: Who are the 'bad guys' though? I know countless lovely people who don't accept Jesus as their saviour and yet JESUS in the GOSPEL OF JOHN tells me that they face the 'wrath of God' (John 3:36 ). I'm not sure I want Jesus as my friend.

  • tetrapod.sapien
    but Jehovah gets a pass for all the baby and sheep killing?

    ... for sure, and like the language confusing? like, that's harsh man.


  • scout575

    Odrade: Its not just revelation and the letters that I have a problem with. The gospels too ( including John ) include 'bad Jesus' ( see above posting to Star Moore ). Don't worry 'bad Jehovah' makes me shudder just as much as 'bad Jesus'.

  • LittleToe

    So we've ascertained that you don't like Yah, Jesus, Born Again believers, you jump to conclusions about what people believe in a judgmental way, and probably a whole heap of other stuff, if we were to psychoanalyse ya.

    So remind me again whether this was a genuine question for discussion or a hook to preach your own gospel?

    LT, of the "content with his relationship with Christ" class.

  • Woodsman

    Jesus is as bad as the wicked Watchtower God. I would not want him as a friend unless I could talk some sense into him. He would have to give up on destroying people who don't believe in him. I would have to tell him about mental illness and gender ambiguity and a host of other things he is not aware of because the scientists of his time hadn't written any books about these things that he could read.

    But I suppose if he was willing to change I could take him fishing for a trial run.

  • LittleToe

    Mind pointing out where he killed someone and where he said anything that was ambiguous regarding gender???

    You've lost me with those two statements in particular.

  • one bad apple
    one bad apple

    Yes but we'd have to hang at my house because his dad seems real nuts

  • scout575

    Little Toe: Had you you read my postings more carefully you may have come to the more measured conclusion that: I like the 'nice' bits about Jehovah and Jesus and born again Christians but not not the 'nasty' bits. I wasn't being judgemental of IP_SEC at all.

    As for the genuineness of my question, it was genuine in the sense that I was trying to help born again Christians to see that Jesus can be just as 'nasty' as the 'wicked Watchtower god' that they sometimes refer to.

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