JW hypocrisy

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  • jgnat


    WON'T give gifts at Christmas, but will graciously accept if offered.

    DON'T donate in blood drives, but will accept concentrated fractions.

    CONDEMN the Catholic confessionals, yet the Judicial Committes are ten times as brutal. There is virtually NO working out of differences amongst the brothers without involving the elders.

    ACCEPT the Martyr's crown for the JW deaths in WW 2, yet continue to condemn Isreal as rejected by Jehovah. They've ignored the restoration of literal Israel, an apparent answer to prophecy, in our modern day, instead claiming that they are the New Isreal.

    AVOID blood transfusions but eat a bloody steak and ignore all the other dietary restrictions that Orthodox Jews follow. The Jews are taught that LIFE is sacred, and must be honored at all cost. It is reprehensible to them that a Jehovah's Witness would sacrifice their LIFE over an ancient dietary restriction. FORGIVE their leadership as imperfect men, but FOLLOW BLINDLY every word that proceeds from their mouths, as if they were representatives of the Creator Himself.

  • beksbks

    Goooood stuff here.

    I just can't help remembering one terrifying night I spent laying in my bed stiff as a board, sweating, too scared to breathe, because I suddenly remembered my little "wordly" friend had left her St. Christopher medal there. Every creak of the old house, or gust of wind, even the pattern on the curtains, was a demon, that I had invited in because of my "bad" association.

    Nope, this one is common. I remember many stories from the platform about this kind of stuff. Even a dear uncle who was an elder told such a story. How whacky it all seems now.

  • IP_SEC

    They can say what they want about any other religion but if someone says something bad about the witnesses its hateful persecution. I was talking to a certain witness; her mother was just baptized as a Mormon.

    Her: I cant believe she did that, we watched a documentary recently about Mormons (tirade about all the Mormons faults)
    Me: Well I don’t want to fight with you but you know the witnesses have similar things in their past. Ever hear of miracle wheat?
    Her: But that was Russell’s father.
    Me: It was advertised in the magazines. My point is, how can you watch a documentary on Mormons and blindly accept it as true but when something is brought up about the witnesses you make excuses?
    Her: *dumb look on her face*

  • Chimene

    Good for you IP_SEC!

  • YoursChelbie

    Jehovah's Witnesses and their hypocrisy--

    They tell members that "they should let themselves be wronged" and not "bring reproach on Jehovah's name by resolving disputes in a worldly Court of Law." Yet as soon as a Canada based web site Quotes begins to cause thinkers among them to read actual Watchtower Magazine Quotes showing their flip flops in doctrines, they seek out a Judicial court case because this web site is "embarassing" to them among other things. Why couldn't they "just wait on Jehovah?"

    They tell people that they should not go to college or be materialistic and at the same time that they should find a way to afford adequate health insurance to cover the possibility of "going out of network" to get treated by one their appoved Hospitals for expensive and potentially ineffective bloodless treatment.

    They tell people that Jehovah's Witnesses "obey the laws of the land" and yet they have actively gone against court orders to remove minors from hospitals by sneaky ways and as such have broken the laws established to protect minors from religious zealots who could endanger their life.

    The Governing Body announce that in Mexico they cannot pray or sing at meetings (but only because they want to own land). They decide to register as a "cultural organization" not a religion to buy property. At the same time, they preach to the rank and file that they should only strive to acquire treasures in heaven not on earth.

    The Governing Body condemns the Catholic Church for having a clergy class and other ranks of service while at they same time they have established a "religious order of full time servants" who take on vows of poverty and work just like lay employees in printing and other manual work but without the benefits of lay employees.

    I could go on and on, but am short on time right now. Will come back to this thread later.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    They can say what they want about any other religion but if someone says something bad about the witnesses its hateful persecution.

    Spot on, Matt. I recall, at the point we were starting to figure it out, but hadn't quite got it yet, we had a sister from the hall visiting. I unloaded a little about how the elders would be happy if we took the hypocricies of the churches to the doors of the people, but the hypocricies of the elders [especially as regards the lack of love and compassion that we were starting to hone in on at the moment] were covered over, even falsified in our minds to justify our 'holy standing before God'. She literally was backing toward the door with a fearful look like she had seen an apparition at that moment. When I look back at that 'deer in the headlights' look, I know this was an early seminal moment in my understanding of how much mind control was a part of our lives. Jeff

  • Think

    audulSoul, don't worry about Gh, it is only to know in GB cirles, for those who have the "right" to know the "truth". !

    But lack of knowledge is not life trea tening,, you may sleep well. LOL

  • YoursChelbie

    More Watchtower Hypocrisy:

    The Watchtower Governing Body tells people not to take blood --even in the face of death. However, they can accept "blood fractions." This is like telling a little kid: "You Can't have Cake-- but you may have flour, sugar, or eggs."

    The Watchtower has NEVER to my knowledge encouraged any giving of money or time to charities such as the Red Cross (or Goodwill, etc.) However, when disaster strikes the rank and file, the Watchtower leaders are ready to accept help from the Red Cross.

    So much for "firmly held convictions."


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