What Bethelites Are Saying About The Layoffs

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  • IronClaw
    I had gotten word that it was probably not going to be WKL because the city does not want a bigger population and not PATT for whatever reason. That it was going be somewhere upstate - I forgot what city it was

    Oh God, I hope they dont come up here near me.

  • IP_SEC
    Oh God, I hope they dont come up here near me.

    I thinks a lot of them will come near here. JWD

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Just so the pious little buttheads don't end up here.

  • SPAZnik


    I find that funny.

  • upside/down

    I remember in the 70's there was a bruhaha about relocating "HQ" to the West coast... due to the cost just to heat and cool Crooklyn. Also that the biggest "untapped" lands were in the Pacific theatre of influenc...

    all turned out to be JW wannabe urban legends...

    Crooklyn only acts when FORCED to act. Economics are FORCING them to act now... not "the will of Jeehooba"

    u/d(of the don't blame me... I was in a cult for 20 years class)

  • moshe


    I find that funny. It's due to the greying of Bethel. The same reasoning applies in prison. When the inmates get old and start to have health issues , THAT is when they get their parole- save the prison from paying for expensive health care. I'll bet some CPA bean counter has shown the WT Corp a projected medical care expense chart for the aging Bethel staff. Solution: cut staff and send them home! A bunch of heartless buggers they are--at least the layed off Bethel staff have a chance at getting real freedom now. peace, Moshe

  • xjwms

    upside / down

    Good to see you back

  • lawrence

    The rumors of layoffs must have a positive effect on the number of bottles being dumped secretly in the dumpsters at Crooklyn. Thrown out is a better term than layed off. Thrown out without insurance, without a bank account (unless one was hustling while there), thrown out without worldly credentials. These people signed up for life, but these bastards have no ability to keep their word/tell the truth, so we probably should see a few occasions of violence... anyone willing to speculate who will go postal first? What a bunch of scum bums!

  • theinfamousone

    theyre saying, shit the boat is finally sinking... well lets go become missionaries for the mormons!!!! what do you mean thats wrong??? its the same fuckin organization, with POLIGAMY!!!! fuck you, im goin!!!

    the infamous one

  • daniel-p

    OK, here is what one Bethelite is saying about recently being "laid off": (and no this isn't a joke, hearsay, or rhetoric)

    "Well, it's my decision, and you know... I just want to make myself available for whatever Jehovah wants me to do. Obviously he wants me to go out into the field - there's a great need out there, especially in the circuit work." Repeat. Repeat.

    Whenever you talk to a Bethelite who is being asked to leave, they will always tell you it's "their decision." This is very sad, because they are saying this only because the higher-ups allow them to in order for them to save face. There is such stigma attached to a 'fallen Bethelite,' it's as if you were an angel and God sent you back down to Earth. Can you imagine how that angel would feel telling everyone it was "his decision"? Believe me, I've been in this situation. It might sound comical to some, but the whole institution of Bethel is oriented around making you humiliate yourself and then offering menial praise and small priveleges, thus building you up and maintaining control at the same time. It's not a new tactic, every military uses the same principles to train disciplined soldiers with maleable minds, enabling them to rationalize any action.

    What you get in the end though, is one very dissapointed and dissalusioned ex-Bethelite who, for some reason, feels very empty and depressed after spending 5, 10, 15 years of their life serving at Jah's headquarters 'shoulder-to-shoulder' with the FDS. These are the ones who are going through the motions, keeping up appearances, focusing so much on good works that they no longer know the difference between works and faith.

    These ex-Bethelites are trully pitiable, and I do feel sorry for most of them, watching them live the dream and then wake up from it.

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