What did you change in your "look" to show your rebellion?

by JH 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • IronClaw

    Bleaching hair (hey it's a process!!) Then adding nice little ruby highlights Piercing nose. Getting a second tattoo (maybe a third)

    so far I've gotten my belly pierced, started smoking some pot, started cursing more because it seems to make me feel better in certain situations, learned how to say NO to people and mean it. I don't have the people pleasing disease anymore. Next is my nost piercing and then some tattoos

    Sounds really Hot! Pics Pics

    Welcome, The Frog! Tell us more about yourself.

    Thanks Gill.

    I used to be on this site as myself, I looked a lot like a tadpole. I did a lot of heavy in depth posts about the JWs.

    I decided to metamorphose into a frog. That is a big word for a frog and not easy to do. I want a fresh start as a frog. To splash in new ponds and eat fresh slugs and have fun.

  • Lilycurly

    I guess growing a goatee and shaving hair would have been the evident solution...but being a woman is problematic.lol

    1.Wear skirts that "aren`t appropriate"

    2.Wear jewellery of pagan origins

    3.Make sure to wear pants if I go for a walk on a Saturday morning (wouldn`t want someone to think I`m going door to door.)

    4. No more pantyhoose!!

  • Golf

    Mine is in the mind, my attitude, I don't think of them. I will not give them the satisfaction of taking up 'anymore' of my time!!!!!!!!


  • serendipity

    Hi Frog, welcome back!

  • mandivided

    Well first off, I was always getting "counseled" when my sideburns would go below my ears....and I always wanted to grow a goatee. So I did right after I was df'ed.

  • lucifer

    I wore clothes that were not to big(loose) and stylish *gasp* although my dad still doesn't approve lol

  • Alakzam

    Ahhh, first I stopped wearing dresses. Realizing this was foolish, instead I wore dresses that were much shorter in length. Next came the little Nalle Pooh tattoo on my ankle. Last...the tongue piercing.

  • cyd0099

    I had to wait a bit. I was working a job with stringent dress and grooming codes as well. Once I was free of both, I grew my hair to my shoulders and like prettymuch every man, threw away my razor for a while.

    Later on, I cut my hair (because I think I look better), shaved down to a soul patch, got one ear and both nipples pierced, got my first tattoo, and clenched a pipe between my teeth.

  • Chimene

    They all know my divorce isn't final, even though I left my husband a year ago. Well!!!! I am dating someone, and I parade him all over town in front of them, ooohhhhh how evil am I!!!! haahaaaa!!! bumped into several of them with him, if looks could kill, I would most certainly be dead, LOLOLOLOL

    For all their crappy treatment, makes me feel wonderful that I pissed them off!!!!

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