What did you change in your "look" to show your rebellion?

by JH 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • witnessscorn

    Oh yeah I also wear a jacket, which displays a big advertisment for the martial arts dojo that I go to, to take Brazilion Ju Jistu and Isshenrye Karate. I have sewn patches on it for both arts. One is a picture of a "pagan" goddess, and to top thing off I put a patch of a skeleton with, vampire teeth, in a jesters outfit throughing dice. I allowed my kids to join an allstar cheerleading team. They go out of town for compititions, and they just went to a birth day party for one of their team mates last night at a public place. And during Christmas season I wore a Sants Claus hat out in public where ever I went. How's that for rebellion. Problem is no-one has seen me yet!!

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