Elders sting operation on myspace

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  • IronClaw

    This reminds me of the story in Ray Franz book about the brothers spying on a sister (I think she was df'd already) having company over her house. They were hiding out in a van with newspaper on the windows with a little peep hole for the camera. They were trying to catch some witnesses that might have visited. The police were called. It was so funny. Just goes to show you how low they will go.

  • rebel8

    I'm sure the van parked outside with newspapers on the windows and a peep hole didn't tip her off, LOL.

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  • DannyHaszard

    Jehovah's Witnesses BlogRing for Young Adults 92 members here i strongly recommend not contacting as they are mostly minors look but don't contact

  • sf

    Yes weds and sally. Last night on MSNBC {cable}, "To Catch A Predator III" was on and the stings were getting much more progressive. Dateline and Perverted-Justice.com, had the police hide out strategically this time, to catch the perverts as they left the decoy house. It was brilliant! This one guy went running out of the house and the cops nailed him!


    The most disturbing thing though, watching this, was knowing that there are soooooo many pervs out there, waiting to pounce. It's absolutely sickening. And how many parents still don't get it, how vulnerable their kids are on the net.

    Incidently, it will air again tonight @8pm. Check your local listings. It's two hours. I highly recommend if you have kids on the superhighway, you and they need to watch this together.

    My teen is not allowed on the net basically ever. Only for school and only with me a few feet away and me knowing every single place she may click on.


  • Elsewhere
  • one bad apple
    one bad apple

    Hi,I'm new, this is my first post. It would be totally cool if we could find that elders account on my space. We could send him sexy pics and friend requests. Everybody wants to feel important.

  • serendipity

    Hi one bad apple, welcome to the forum!

    Are you suggesting entrapment to catch the elders?

  • ballistic

    Danny - there is a very frightening question when joining...

    You are about to join Jehovah's Witnesses. To confirm that you'd like to join, please click "Yes - Join".

  • DannyHaszard

    http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&q=MySpace.com&btnG=Search+News Biggie news development Must click link Police investigate whether assaults sparked by MySpace.com HARTFORD, Conn. -- Police are investigating whether as many as seven teenage Middletown girls have been sexually assaulted by men they met through the popular Web site MySpace.com.

    Users of the social networking site create profiles that can include photos, personal information and even cell phone numbers. t is a predator's dream come true, this Web site," said Middletown Police Sgt. Bill McKenna. "Because not only can you see them, but you can see their friends. You can find out where they go to middle school and high school."

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