Elders sting operation on myspace

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  • luna2

    I'm sure farting around pretending to be teenagers in a retarded "sting" operation is much more fun than actually getting off their duffs and doing something positive for people who need it in the congregation.

    Actually, though, it looks like their efforts are helping to open young minds and possibly free more people from the borg, so maybe it's a good thing.

    Keep it up, you idiots, your invasion of privacy and attempts to trick these kids into saying something wrong so you can then counsel, reprove or even df them has the potential to reduce the JW population even further. Good work.

  • wednesday

    I was just thinking that for the elders to log on to a site where teens go, well sounds like the things sexual predators do. Stalking young prey. They might want to give that little sting operation a second thought. the police would not take lightly to adults trying to entrap underage teens.


  • Honesty
    The Watchtower Elders on the other hand are to be taken very seriously in thier efforts to "keep the congregation clean". Never underestimate the mindnumbing lunacy and cunning ways of those carring out the Societies stated policy of "Spiritual Warfare" on all opposers. unclebruce

    That will ultimately be their downfall.

    I hope some of you elders from East Tennessee are lurking here. Maybe, just maybe your minds will be opened to the truth about the Watchtower Lie and your empty hearts will tug at your consciences so that you too can break free and escape the madness of the JW's.

  • BizzyBee

    Let me get this straight - keeping the congregation clean now involves ENTRAPMENT?

    WTF? The people in this organization are heading toward COLLECTIVE INSANITY! Closer and closer to an SS mentality.

  • limbogirl

    Must be a slow day in JW-ville --- apparently not enough immorality run amok at the local KH so these morons are out trying to drum up some scandal in order to invoke a JC hearing. Pathetic.

  • simplesally

    Wednesday, I was thinking along the same lines as you.

  • serendipity

    I guess the elders have taken such good care of the orphans and widows in the congregations, and can now turn their attention to this matter.

  • oldflame
    Sounds like the Hilter's have too much time on their hands to me.


    You hit the donkey right on the head with a great big spike...........

  • stillAwitness

    I'm so glad I have JWD to reveal my thoughts to , otherwise I swear I would go out of my mind ( more than I already am )

    My feelings exactly! In fact, I spend more time on here than I even do anywhere else. I was never too interested in myspace. That site is way to popular for me and I've heard of elders lurking on there before.

    At JWD you're always safe!

  • stillAwitness

    I like to call them the new millenium Gestapo.

    heil Brooklyn!

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