Good Morning Apostates!!

by Andy C 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • Andy C
    Andy C
    This place is addicting isn't it?

    Yes Dams. I drop in every day.

    LISTEN UP EVERBODY!! I got off on the wrong foot with this thread. I do not give a s%&$ for or about the Society or the horse they rode in on. I know who the idiots are. Now with that said you guys have a nice day. I have to get back to making a living.

  • minimus

    Hey Andy C, WELCOME!!!!!!!!......Don't feel bad. When I first got here, I was beaten up, too. But now we'll get to know you better and we can all have fun. FWIW, before I responded to your first post (which I just saw), I read a little more because I thought you were being lay offa Andy at least until he really screws up.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Andy C Welcome to our " Spiritual Intellectual Paradise" , I hope you enjoy your stay!


  • prophecor

    Daggonit, I thought I was gonna' have a chance to pull my flamethrower out, I don't use it often but after the likes of PMS last week, I was looking to participate in a shooting gallery, Oh Well, others will surely be soon to follow.

  • luna2

    Hola, Andy! Phew, rough initiation. We know where you stand now, though, so it's all good.

    I think we had so much flamethrowing fun with PBJ or PCB or whatever his initials are, that we wanted to do it again.

  • BizzyBee
    The watchtower society is a lying, thieving, abusive skanky whore of a cult.

    I sense that you are holding back.....tell us how you really feel..............?


    Seriously, since PMJ has pulled a turtle ( last I saw of him, he'd found a sense of humor), we haven't had any good, red apologist meat to chew on for awhile. So you come along fat, dumb and happy trying to be funneee............and whammo!

    Welcome to the board!

  • deeskis

    aw......look what happened. I went to bed, had four and a half hours sleep all love each other!........I got a warm fuzzy

    welcome if you're not a dub, or ex.......what's brought you here?

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    Welcome andy, I've looked at this forum topic since you started it, good to see you've all kissed and made up.

    Anyone notice I'm no longer a newbie? I'm so excited I changed my avator to celebrate!

  • ballistic

    Mark, I'm just celebrating because it's Friday.

    p.s. don't change your avatar too often because internet phycologists say that poeple wont recognise you - it's true.

  • lucifer

    welcome andyC, glad to have ya aboard

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