Good Morning Apostates!!

by Andy C 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • bebu

    AndyC, guess you've missed a few recent trolls here. You sounded like yet another to many. Even though I laughed a little at 'Apostaland.'

    Shrug off the comments, because they really don't apply. You're still as welcome as any here. (But emoticons like or help out a lot if you want to make sure you're not misunderstood.)

    Happy posting and have a cuppa .


  • Honesty
    Forget about it. I approached this the wrong way, thought I could drop in here and be a part of the deal. I'm no Watchtower aplogist, nor do I attend meetings, or do anything else that is JW. Later guys.

    Welcome to JWD.

    It's refreshing (JW buzzword) to meet someone who hasn't been screwed over by a demonic cult posing as the only Christian group who is driving leading people to a relationship with Jesus God.

  • Golf

    Greetings Andy. I had no problem with your entrance. Stick around we have some level headed people here, have you met Gumby?


  • Andy C
    Andy C

    Okay. I got the rules down.

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Welcome Andy.

  • damselfly

    Aw muffin! Got your feelings hurt on your first thread. We are mostly nice, don"t be scared and just try again okay?


    good morning back to you! I have the courage to believe I'm on the right path and the balls to not care if I'm wrong.

  • Andy C
    Andy C
    have you met Gumby?

    My kind of guy. I lurked around here long enough to become familer with most of the posters, even you. I find the back and forth here to be refreshing. I'll be asking more questions. So keep those flame throwers handy boys and girls.

  • damselfly
    So keep those flame throwers handy boys and girls.

    So you're a lurker are you? This place is addicting isn't it?


  • greendawn

    Perhaps the warchtower society is heading down the broad road that leads to destruction its leaders are not the kind of spiritual people that you may think that they are and they shouldn't become too judgemental.

  • coffee_black

    Welcome Andy C.

    You have much to learn. Most people here have invested countless hours researching and have learned things about the organization that prove beyond any doubt that the organization is a fraud. If you haven't done the research, then you know not of what you speak.

    Pull up a your homework. You will be amazed.


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