Good Morning Apostates!!

by Andy C 60 Replies latest jw friends

  • Honesty

    Good Morning!!!

    Define right.

  • Nosferatu
    What makes you think you are right?

    Because I am on a path that is leading me to become a god.

  • xjwms

    Good Morning

    I'm doing fine

  • wombat

    Where did dat boy go?? I am trying to find lexicons for a walnut and a sledge hammer.

  • deeskis


    I may not be right all the time, but I know what is wrong.

  • Finally-Free
    What makes you think you are right?

    I don't think I'm right, I know I am. The watchtower society is a lying, thieving, abusive skanky whore of a cult. It can be proven using their own publications, the bible, news items and court documents. A few hours of research would be sufficient to convince any thinking person™.


  • Tuesday

    Ah, who said I think I'm right. While after alot of research I do believe that JW's are just another religion, at first I still did think they were the "truth" and I hated being a JW so much I chose death instead. It's broad and spacious, it's a leisurely walk, it came down to would I rather live the way I want now, or completely surpress myself and have my reward of living forever in a paradise earth with the people who were making my life miserable now. Plus you know some sort of stupid rules would be in place once the paradise came into play. The paradise wasn't a paradise for me, right now could be though. So I made today my paradise.

  • carla

    Goodmorning to you and welcome to this little apostate gathering!

    When you make your confessional to the elders about posting here, please let them know I am praying for them and you to be released from the bonds of mind control and the evil men in Brooklyn. And I am working hard to educate people about this most dangerous cult. I will continue to work on your behalf and that of all those caught capitves of the Watchtower by writing newspapers, news stations, government officials, and at a local level I deliver pamphlets and brochures warning people about the danger of JW's knocking on their doors. Someone has to warn them that a pedophile may be knocking!

    Congratulations on your first step out of the organization by posting here! If you are open to some critical thinking you will learn much! If you are a lover of truth you may even find some truth here as well. Good luck on your journey of finding real truth even if it gets uncomfortable sometimes. Challenge yourself.

  • Sentient

    For one thing, because fear does not lead you to truth, and neither does cutting off access to information critical of your beliefs. I am not afraid to talk to any human being alive, or read anything ever printed. I actually welcome criticism and alternative ideas now and genuinely consider whether I should readjust my own views. I am constantly learning, growing and evolving now.
    In contrast, any "true beleiver" JW is terrified to have a genuine conversation with a sincere and articulate exJW. They are terrified to read any experiences or thoughts of exJWs. It's because although they have a strong conscious belief that they have the truth, there is some part of them deep down that is deathly afraid of truth...that is the way they have been programmed and confused.
    I would gladly participate in an internationally televised townhall debate with me vs. every member of the Governing Body, and I know I could prove their methods and their ideas about many things to be very sick indeed. In all likelihood they would decline this opportunity.

  • blondie

    Some elders would believe that by posting here, AndyC, you have made yourself an "apostate." I am willing to believe that you are low, low, low on the JW totem pole, perhaps a "weak" one or even "bad association" that you have to seek out association here.

    We are too diverse a group to fit that label.


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