Flood/Bristlecone Pine: For bible believers: please answer

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  • RodentBoy

    Rig Boy wrote:

    evidence can be manufactured and/or skewed. Can we really trust academia or the establishment when it is monopolized? Like the media is monopolized.

    Look what happened to the last guy to fake data and results. Scientists who do this will get caught, and there is no greater disgrace. Besides, when faced with a scientific explanation or, on the other side, the WTS essentially handwaving away counter results, just where do you put your trust? Is the rational alternative really that there is some grand conspiracy to hide the Flood?

  • RodentBoy

    Rig Boy, you didn't actually demonstrate that the tree ring data was false. You simply went off on some conspiracy theory tangent. You are aware, I hope, that scientific journals like Nature are not published by large media companies. If you don't trust science journalism (and I certainly don't, it tends to be utterly incompetent), then you are quite free to look at the journals, see the data that the researchers are using and decide for yourself whether they are telling the truth. That is, after all, the point of peer review.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    I did not intend to demonstrate that it was false. I made a point of saying, I would have to examine it for myself in order to know for sure, as should anyone who cares to make unfounded remarks about it.

  • VM44

    Also consider the Great Meteor Crater in Arizona, formed by meteor impact about 50,000 years ago.

    If there was a world wide flood, the crater would not be as distinctive as it is seen today.

    I am tired of The Watchtower writers saying they are right and all other dating results are wrong.

    The answers to the questions of dating objects and events cannot be provided by some typist sitting at a desk in Brooklyn.


  • skyman

    If you ever had the chance to go to the park for yourself you can see the trees and how they come up with the information then you will be able to see for yourself that this is true. If you believe the Flood then you owe it to yourself to go down and see with your own eyes.

  • hooberus

    Here are some creationist resources that may be helpful:

    "Collapsing the Long Bristlecone Pine Tree Ring Chronologies, J. Woodmorappe" available from http://www.csfpittsburgh.org/icc03.htm
    "Radiocarbon, Dendrochronology and the Date of the Flood -Aardsma." available from http://www.csfpittsburgh.org/icc90.html

  • DannyBloem

    Hooberus, this is the only thing I see, something that I need to order.

    Can you not quote the essense of the message?


  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Everytime I read a creationist article it smacks of the same pseudoscience that the Watchtower brought me for nearly 20 years. It may be better presented crap but it's still crap.

    Like the Watchtower I think the purpose of these sites is to make money from the poor saps who buy into it.



  • hawkaw

    Please keep in mind what Hoob presents is considered pseuoscience that has not been properly peer reviewed.

  • hooberus
    Please keep in mind what Hoob presents is considered pseuoscience that has not been properly peer reviewed.

    What makes what I presented "pseudoscience" and what is your criteria of being "properly peer reviewed"?

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