What did you take with you when you left the organization?

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  • aquagirl

    I took some good sales skills,again,due to door to door stuff at 4 years old..Also i had to wear a big brace on my back for a few years which made me look pitiful so i was in high demand to go in field service w/the others..People always gave an extra quarter or two when they saw the poor kid in a body brace.lol..also,i learned to twist anything that happens to my benefit.I learned to weasel out of things,with the 15 years of wtbts training{no offense to weasels}.I dont have a lot of fear or respect for "those in office".which might be a good or bad thing.I spent one morning out in service ,when i was about 10,with an elder who had his dick hanging out of his pants in the car.Just he and i,so i guess i got out of it easy. Since then,i sort of sneer at ''suits" and those in "control".Now,I am in control...

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    I actually derived considerable benefits from the Ministry School - however flawed that "school" may be. That training helped last year, for example, when I on one occassion I had to face-down mob of (extremely!) angry striking workers.

    I would be quick to add, though, that it all proved to be a bloody expensive course in Public Speaking!

    Aside from that, I took away:

    - A trainload of resentment.

    - A total disinterest in religion in any of its forms.

    - A quest to rediscover the person that I was before the WTS Madness took hold.


  • misspeaches

    I took with me my right to independent thinking.

  • Apostanator

    You know,,I lost my mind while attending meetings. So on the last day I attended, I went to the Lost & Found section of the Kingdom Hall looking for it to take with me. It wasn't there!! I found it later after I left !!!!

  • IronClaw

    My Sanity

  • Honesty


  • DaveNwisconsin

    I was smart, I took that box by the door where you drop your donations in. Cancun was wonderful! Thank you JW'S! (just joking)

  • limbogirl

    I took with me an aversion to dimwitted men in cheap suits who by day toil as janitors and by night are throwing about the power and control that they can't obtain in the real world in a real organization of any merit or substance because they are in fact -- dimwits.

  • Sentient

    >An ability to see every person as an individual human being without prejudice based on belief or behavior (after the dramatic transformation from staunch Witness)....an ability to truly put myself into other people's shoes and my foot well into my mouth
    >A passion for understanding the truth on both sides of every dispute, why individual people and groups of people beleive what they do, and how identities are formed...reality creation
    >A keen understanding of how individual people can influence others in harmful ways and how to change for the better
    >Significant insights into organizational techniques of information and thought control, the development and nature of mental illness, the dynamics of fear, and many other useful subjects
    >An unforgettable lesson in the importance of critical thought and self-reliance
    >An unforgettable lesson in the ignorance and hypocrisy of religion or thinking in black and white
    >An unforgettable lesson in the effects of allowing someone else to define who you are
    >A deep appreciation of freedom in its various forms
    >The gift of self-awareness
    >The strength and depth of character that results from surviving extreme conditions

  • Sheepish

    I took a lot of Bible Knowledge with me (after straining out the contrived interpretations & bogus translation). But one of the best things I took, was to stand up for what I believe in, no matter what or who is against me. No amount of peer pressure works (or worked) on me. Not even from the JWs. I also have no problem going to a strangers door, for whatever reason! Oh, and certainly not least-my virginity. I guess I was very blessed nobody molested me, but then I only remember one time I ever got in a car with a male alone, and he (a married guy) yelled out to my mom, "I hope you taught your daughter to behave!" I think he was afraid I would make a move on him! Lol! Maybe there's a secret problem with "sister's" throwing themselves at the "brothers!" Could be the next big thing!

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