What did you take with you when you left the organization?

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  • DigitalFokus

    Hello, let me state before i go into what i brought with me, that I am extremely bored at work and just found this site. I wish i would have found this site years ago.

    I was disfellowshiped when i was 18 years old, and am now writing this ten years later. For bs reasoning that they are soo good at.

    when i left, i brought my jw girlfriend, my jw best friend and 3 others. and...

    >A total resentment of all organized religion

    >A distrust of poeple who say they are here to help you

    >what was left of my dignity

    >and a very nasty taste in my mouth.

    ....oh and lots of burning material.

  • serendipity

    hi df, welcome to the forum!

  • GentlyFeral

    Hmmm, how to itemize this...

    I took my husband and kids with me.

    OK, I took other things away too, but I brought most of them with me into the Spoof.

    Wait, though, there is all the Bible knowledge ™ I acquired over the years. Not the bullsh!t Watchtower interpretations, just the Bible stories and some of the exhortations in Psalms and elsewhere.

    That's proving very useful to me now...

    in the practice of magic.

    Wishing you bigger and better Ooga Booga, gently feral

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim


  • Golf

    I made sure I got my 'ASS' out of there! How's that?


  • ric

    I took a long look at my wasted life, I took my solitude as thats all you have when you leave this cult. I took my pride, I took a deep sigh of relief as i could now stay home or go out and have a life 3 times a week. I took the realization that everyone in the world isnt a satanist and that there are real people out there, they don't all want to kill and eat me.I took a long new look at my mother whom i loved and respected for my whole life(34 years when i was DF'd) and had to see her choose religion over her own child, I took the fact that my only brother, my best friend in the world would never talk to me after his the 2 divorces i had to sit thru and $13,000 school loan i gave him and never asked for back.oh and don't forget the occasional knocking at your door with some closet homo/pedophile looking guy with a pre-pubescent young boy who should be home playing baseball on his left standing there looking at you so sadly after you tell them your DF'd and vary happy, Hey WTB.....LMB

    Well.least im not bitter right...........

  • luna2

    I took with me the ability to question the status quo. I'm a oddly conventional sort of person by nature and, as a child, used to worry all the time about what was "normal" and if I fit that definition. I tended not to want to make waves or be different...until I became a dub. They taught me to question what was considered the norm and whether conformity to that was necessary or even beneficial. Of course, what the WTS really wanted was for me to accept their definition of a normal life and to conform to that without question, but once you break open that box, its very hard to completely seal it back up.

  • samu

    What was left of my sanity and the knowledge that sooner or later they would knock on my door.

    Actually I have a funny story. The presiding overseer and his wife were on the ministry in my block and my sister and I saw them coming. Our mother who is still a practising JW told us that they would be on the ministry in our block. Basically my sister and I did our best impression of army training (sliding across the floors under the window) so we wouldn't be seen. We played hide and seek with them. Worse thing though, my mum came home just as we were sliding down the stairs and opened the door to very confused people who believed we weren't home. She weren't amused at all. Neither were they as I had met them two weeks before at my nan's house and said I was very welcoming and a lovely young woman.

  • candidlynuts

    when i left the abusive org and an abusive husband i took 2 garbage bags full of clothes and a lot of hurt with me.

    i had to leave behind my beautiful children. 2 houses, a business, all put in other brothers names by my ex so i couldnt touch them even if i could have paid for a lawyer.

  • jonsey


    Just like you my public speaking has increased my business in the last 15 years. The organization basically robbed from me and left me were I am today...and I thank them for leaving the door open for me to leave. I cannot say the same for my brother and his family and my parents.


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