Do you struggle with some level of OCD?

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  • Ellie

    At the moment I am ok and aslong as my house is reasonably clean and tidy it will do.

    However, I used to have a thing about my bathroom, only mysef, my partner and my daughter could use it, and it had to be bleached every day, sometimes more than once.

    I was telling my friend about this the other day and she thought it was hilarious, that if I had a guest and they asked to use the bathroom I would tell them no.

    But I did used to have a major case of OCD, not too bad now though.

  • diamondblue1974

    A friend of my mother has it quite bad although I hadnt recognised before actually hearing from others experiences of it.

    The silly rules she makes for her life and things she does to regulate herself is beyond belief... I suppose you have to live with it to really understand the problem, perhaps thats my problem.


  • joelbear

    at orgies, i have to have sex with people in alphabetical order

  • Billygoat

    as I was reading this post and eating a small dish of cashews I pick out all the split and broken pieces to eat first, leaving all the whole ones for...right now!!

    Me too!

    at orgies, i have to have sex with people in alphabetical order

    Although I've never had to worry about that.

  • TopHat
    You guys should see my garage. If there is an opposite to OCD, its there.

    Yep! My bad knees finally cured me of OCD

  • jgnat

    I married a guy with OCD. I move his stuff around just to see how long it takes for him to notice (seconds!). Also, for entertainment, I wait until we are ready to drive away to say..."Honey are you shut off?". He's starting to catch on and sometimes he can grit his teeth and keep driving. I consider it my civic duty to help him keep control of his compulsions.

    My compulsions; picking old tape from office furniture and shining chrome taps.

  • daystar

    Thinking a bit more about this... most of the things you guys are mentioning don't seem to really be OCD to me. We just have certain ways of ordering our lives to make things more efficient.

    Doesn't OCD usually involve "magical" devices? Devices like... when walking into a room and turning the light on, the switch always has to be turned on and off an even number of times?

    I just don't really see certain minor obsessions as being part of some real disorder. In fact, I see it more of an ordering sort of practice.

  • Mastodon

    JGNAT, you are a bad bad woman. ;) JK! I guess that's your job as a wife :D

  • jgnat

    The question is, daystar, can you walk past it without "fixing" it? If you can't, you're compulsive. Mastadon, I sure you understand how bad I am! LOL. Hubby wasn't stupid when he said "I do". He knew not a single day would be boring with me.

  • wombat

    OCD can appear funny to someone who doesn't suffer from it. I admire the sufferers who can joke about it.

    It seems to be more common than realised. My personal belief is that it is caused by extreme stress at some period in your life. Maybe more ex-jws suffer from it than the average populace. (Dunno why).

    My darling sweet daughter never talked about our divorce - she always kept a bright outside. Her OCD would break my heart. But she's grown nearly out of it now. It takes time.

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