Do you struggle with some level of OCD?

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  • Billygoat

    It's funny how "split-personalitied" I am on some things. I'm not really a neat person. But there are things that I am very anal about. I LOVE to organize and I should buy stock in The Container Store. Some things I'm anal about...

    • I MUST have plastic clothes hangers in my closet. No metal at all. White hangers for my casual clothes and green hangers for my dressy clothes, of course, separated into the two sections in my closet. All same item clothing next to each other, organized by color. When I do laundry, it is a very rule-based chore for me.
    • I MUST use special plastic containers in my kitchen to hold all my gluten-free pastas, flours, baking goods. I don't like all those half-opened bags messing up my pantry. And they have to be a certan line of plastic containers, Decor Tellfresh, from Australia. (I get them at the Container Store.)

    I just find it odd that I MUST do some things a certain way, but when it comes to other things in life...ahh...whatever.

    Is there anything that you MUST do, not for any particular reason other than that's how you WANT them? Is it a non-negotiable for you?

  • gumby

    I'm the same way. Most things I don't care about as far as arrangement goes. When I do my secular work(floor installations) however, I'm picky and don't want no bastards gettin in my damn way.


  • Calliope

    my closet is organized by color. i remember a room-mate asking to borrow a shirt, and my response? "it's in the green section". it took a while to live that down.

    i can't ever leave my desk messy at work. every night before i leave, i place everything in meticulously labeled file folders. down to scrap paper. seriously. into a folder labeled "scrap paper".

    don't hate me...

  • glitter

    I can't eat small sweets/food items in even numbers. I first noticed this when I was little and we had Weetos and I was OK if there were lots of them and I'd just started eating, but if I could see how many were on my spoon, it *had* to be an odd number. The idea of eating M&Ms in even numbers makes me very very worried.

    I can't eat off a plate with a pattern on it because I'm convinced the pattern part won't be clean.

    If somebody else uses one of my mugs I *never* use it again, even if it's my favourite mug it just goes right in the back of the cupboard.

  • Sunnygal41
    don't hate me...

    No biggie, I do the same thing at work. In fact, I'm a big freak about recycling paper that we misprint on the printer. I just need to be surrounded by a neat, organized environment. It's bad enough that our building is part of the bus garage, and has to be kept constantly cleaned because of a poor ventilation system, which allows everything to be coated with a fine, black film...........yes, we've complained to management many times and nothing has been done about it yet, but, at least now they send someone in twice a week to vacuum and empty trash and clean the bathrooms and restock the toilet tissue and hand cleaner.

  • Sunnygal41

    I am also a bit fanatical about the bathroom.........I MUST get all the gunk out of the corners of the room AND the dust, hair, dead skin has to be wiped off the baseboards.........and, I use a toothbrush to clean around where the toilet meets the linoleum........I don't like the smell or sight of aging peepee............

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    All white plastic for my clothes in closet, clothing arranged in sections for casual, work and dressy.

    Spices arranged in kitchen cabinets according to the dishes they're used in and alphabetically.

    Baking ingredients arranged accordingly.

    All canned goods arranged according to type (vegetable, fruit, soups, etc.) and kind.

    Cooking utensils, pots & pans arranged according to type.

  • prophecor

    Hi Andi. Yes, on many levels, I struggle with the issues of OCD. I wont wear sneakers unless they are white. I also will not wear them unless they are pristine in their whiteness. Cleaning them daily before I'll wear them. I'm particular about my beard. It has to be neatly trimmed and my head clipped to the nubs.

    The whole way I even set up a page on my responses to JWD here, also have to fall within a realm of controlled insanity. I center my statements. I don't let the words touch the edges, and now, since learning how to use the structuring helps for your pages, I'll be incorporating another trace of insanity by that little help as well. I now, also use the spellchecker religiously so as not to unnecessarily make a mistake in spelling, in my delivery.

  • hubert

    This is a cool thread, Andi.

    I thought I was the only one like this.

    I have to use (heavier duty) plastic hangers, but only on my coats and jackets. The shirts get the iron ones, the slacks and work pants get the wooden "clips". (Don't even know what they call them, something like the skirt clips, but for men).

    My tools at work always go in the same spot, either in my tool box, or shelf, and I will lend them out, but when I get it back, it had better be put back where it came from, or you're gonna hear about it.

    Lots of other things I could care less about.


  • misspeaches

    I honestly believe that we all have some little 'quirks'.

    Here's mine:

    • Toilet paper MUST be facing over not under. I will change it regardless of where I am to the correct direction.
    • Things on my desk, tables etc must be lined up neatly and in lines
    • Clothes get hung on the line with pegs of the same colour. (Green shirts with green pegs etc) (Except black clothes and they get white pegs.)
    • I like soft materials in bed. I will lie there and fiddle with the fabric till I drift off to sleep

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