Do you struggle with some level of OCD?

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  • prophecor

    You mean like this one, Peachy Keen ?

  • Saoirse

    Effexor is a new drug that treats both depression and anxiety disorders. You used to have to take separate medications for those disorders. So far, this has been the best drug I've taken. I know several people that take it and they are doing really well also. I had some initial side effects - drowsiness, decreased interest in sex, extremely vivid dreams - but those have since worn off.

  • Effervescent

    I don't consider myself OCD, but I do have a few "Quirks" as someone else called it. Mostly having to do with how I eat a specific food item or how certain chores are done around the house.

    The dishwasher has to be loaded exactly right, with silverware sorted and everything in it's specific place. I don't let anyone else load the dishwasher. My husband loves this rule.

    When I eat my eggs over-easy, I eat all around the yoke and when every reachable part of the whites are gone I break the yoke and start tearing the crust off my toast to sop it up. Toast gets eaten the same way, crust first then the inside.

    I also have the color and type coding system in my closet. Also things usually go back into the closet after they've been washed into the same exact location it was in before. I know exactly where to reach for something I'm looking for.

    Before I get into bed the blankets and sheets have to be just right. All of the layers have to match exactly and be just the right width going down the side. If it gets dissarrayed for whatever reason before I got to sleep then I have to get out and totally remake the bed.

  • Gregor

    Wow, I didn't think I had OCD quirks, but I just realized that as I was reading this post and eating a small dish of cashews I pick out all the split and broken pieces to eat first, leaving all the whole ones for...right now!! GLOM!!

  • Finally-Free

    I agree with Misspeaches on this one. Once, in a restaurant I accidentally broke a toilet paper dispenser while I was correcting their mistake. It was their own damn fault:

    Toilet paper MUST be facing over not under. I will change it regardless of where I am to the correct direction.

    • Also, music CDs are arranged alphabetically, software CDs are arranged according to type and function.
    • Books - fiction alphabetically by the author's last name. Non fiction by subject.
    • Money is arranged with the head on the correct side. In my wallet it is arranged with the largest denominations toward the back.
    • All socks must be black. That way, if one gets a hole in it I can throw it out and still use the other with other orphaned socks.


  • shark attack
    shark attack


  • Mastodon

    I have OCD...
    I always have to lather in soap twice everytime I shower and I wash my ears three time each time.
    I have a thing about my hands, I feel the need to wash them regularly or use some 'antibacterial' waterless lotion. Specially if I'm in a public place for too long and most importantly, when I go to hospitals or funeral homes.
    I have to check the locks in my house at least twice befor going to bed. I do sleep with a baseball bat next to my side of the bed.
    At restaurants, I can't seat next to the aisles (where there's heavy people traffic) and must always seat facing the door or main entrance.
    Oh yes, I'm bipolar too... :) :(
    MastoDon (Of the 'Bipolars Go Both Ways" class)

  • TopHat

    I must do cartwheels when I go out to the mailbox or bad news will ensue!

  • ferret

    You guys should see my garage. If there is an opposite to OCD, its there.

  • daystar

    I've not been diagnosed, but I suspect I may have a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome, or perhaps some other mild form of autism.

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