Jehovah's Witness skating parties were da bomb!

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  • Poztate
    OMG! hand holding, just the same as 'heavy petting'!

    Yep...They had a WT article about it(mid 70's) that stated that holding hands was the first step on the slippery slope to SEXXX

    For a year or so a lot of the little hotties had panic attacks even touching someone.It could lead to sex you know.

    I think they are over it now...I am not making this up..You have had another peek into the bizzare world of the WT

  • LDH

    Sunday nights in Upstate New York, you could frequently find a ton of young JWs at Reva Rollerdrome.

    I once rented the facility I paid for the entire facility fee. I also paid for a ton of food, and some people brought food. Everyone who came in was required to pay a $1 rental fee. This was a rink requirement. I invited everyone that I liked. There was to be a very good representation of Elders, because I had asked 5 elders beforehand if they would chaperone the party.

    As usual in JW land, no matter how much care you take, you offend someone. The Bill Brigden family made a very big deal about it because they weren't invited. I was called to the elders room by Jim Seward and Jim Smith, if memory serves correctly.

    I had followed all of the WT protocol for having a 'party.' The Brigdens had gotten hold of an invitation (yes I mailed them, not gave them out at the Hall, LOL). I was questioned like I was a criminal.

    At that age (I think 22 or so) I was finally starting to find my voice. The accusation the Brigdens made against me was that I was 'charging the brothers admission to attend a party.' This was against WT party rules. However, they couldn't find any difference between JW paying $1 for skate rental at my party vs. the numerous JW who paid admission PLUS skate rental to go skating on a Sunday night.

    In the elder's room, I finally told the Brigdens I didn't invite them because I didn't like them. This made the elders very uncomfortable, I mean Bill Brigden was an elder and all. How dare I? In the end, they couldn't stop me from holding the party.

    But out of the 200 or so people I had invited, only about 80 showed up. The reason? About two weeks after my invitations went out and all of the plans were finalized, a letter came to the congregations informing the elders that there was a "regional elders meeting" in Henrietta Assembly Hall, the very day my party was planned.

    Many families would not attend because there wouldn't be any elders there. How friggin' hilarious is this?


    All Skate in the Reverse Direction Class

  • IronClaw

    I can remember many a skating parties. Late 70's early 80's was it. I was a DJ at the local rink. Man did I catch hell for that. Back room visits and the whole 9 yards. Got DF'd in 1984. Got to be a real good skater though. Let me tell you many a witness used to come to the rink. They used to request songs that would make you think they were starving for some real fun. I played anything and everything. I used to love to skate on my off days with the ladies, you know the slow couples skate only sessions. Catch a quick feel. Man those were the days. Like a dummy got reinstated in late 1986. What was I thinking! Looking back I must say it was one of the best times in my life. SO MUCH FUN. Maybe thats why I liked it. The Borg was always so boring.

  • cyd0099

    Yep, every other Sunday or so way down in So. Oregon we skated until the early 1980's when the elders™ started making noises about big parties getting out of control.

    When they took away the skating rink, we took to the dark, isolated woods to hang out...

  • Purza

    OMG those skating parties were so much fun! My mother (an elder's wife) always coordinated it and we basically bought out the skating rink -- and it was all witnesses. I think it was mainly in the late 70s early 80s. Those were some good times.


  • montana96

    We had really good skating parties as well in the 80s but as Blondie mentioned they soon got canned. Some were complaining that the music was demonic, so a Brother took a kingdom melodies tape to the rink and asked the DJ if he would play that instead!. How embarrasing.Then a brother broke both wrists and that was taken as a sign of demonism again.

    It only takes a few to start complaining and thats it, the party is over. Same with theme parties we had great ones at our own home, all the young ones came. My last theme party at MY OWN HOME, ended in a local needs talk on"why do you have to have a theme for your party"? Little did I realise at the time , about 10 I had invited didnt show up, decided to boycott it then complaing to an elder that their conscience was bothered by my having a theme party.Needless to say the s#%t hit the fan and my husband stepped down out of disgust. The elder was counseled by the other elders, apparently they didint know he was going to talk about that, but to late damage was done.Anyway it opened our eyes a little more and now we have GREAT THEME PARTIES AT HOME YEAH!!!

    Mercedes x

  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    Yeah everyone would always clear the floor when the bad songs came on. Usually a couple of people would leave and then everyone else left skating didnt want to look bad so they would all leave.
    Or when they played the birthday song, that was really bad.

    Man there was nothing cooler than skating to "funky town" on a saturday night knowing you already had your Watchtower studied:) And looking over to see sister hot bod from the Pleasant valley creek hill sea side congregation walk in:)

    I also remember one party where someone out of the norm rented the rink and played kingdom songs and classical music the whole time. It was a real bummer. You know that anytime they gather everone together to say a pray before you skate that its going to be a bad night:)

  • Robdar

    We had them in Alabama too. They were fun. That's where I met my first husband--a Baptist.

  • bitemeWT

    Panicattack and Purplesofa...

    Do you know anyone from the West Fork, Ark. congregation?

    I was there 20 yrs ago.

  • jonsey


    That was awesome! We had ours at the Mattydale Rink in North Syracuse. It's funny because we were all mixed in with the general population. We had some of the pioneers hang out with us. I can tell you as a teen it was a bitch to get a size 13 skate. Ok everyone couples only...light go dim the roar of the wheels...and then a Journey song gets pumped on ...Lovin-Touchin-Squeezin...hand check as you hit turn 4...LOL.


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