Does God make Mistakes or Bad Decisions?

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  • wombat

    Gumby....I know, I know. That's what makes it so wicked.

    I've seen other great pictures on this site.

    It would be mind-blowing to have a collection of them poster-size on the wall. Wow. No need for a toke.

    Anyone got a collection that they are prepared to forward on?

  • gumby

    Here's some,

  • oldflame

    I think it is pretty evil, in the fact that in the pictures above those who are surviving (witnesses) are smiling at all the suffering going on around them. Do they really think that they will be happy to see all the pain suffering and even death. How morbid to make a photo like that. I'll just bet that when that day comes, the witnesses will be out there killing their fellow friends, family and whoever and smiling about it all the while. That's okay my gun will be loaded.

  • gumby


    These were the pictures myself and my 4 sisters grew up with from the "Paradide Lost to Paradise Restored" book. I wasn't even in school yet if I remember correctly.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    the true nature of reality is what it does and is always perfect until you compare it to something it is not....

    the bible god is ignorant [genesis 18:20-21] makes rash decisions that he can be talked out of [exodus 32:14]

    and often angered which means pained by injury to ideals or goals?? [more evidence of ignorance]

    the bible shows the hand of man rather than the hand of God...there is nothing in it that I know of that was beyond man's understanding

    and quite a bit substandard to man's current understanding.

  • gumby

    Good obsevation Zen.

    I still haven't heard any apologists explain WHY gog said and did what he did. If he is going to spare mankind from another flood because he realizes man is "bad from his youth up", then WHY is he appointing his son to come and kill sinners who's heart is bad from the youth up? Is refraining from flooding people a second time less worse than his son killing all those who do not accept him?


  • wombat

    Yeah Gumby....I understand that drowning is quite a peaceful death. It's not violent and you sort of slip off.

    So how come Jehovah gave these early dudes the good breaks and we poor bast*rds get the fire and lightning and knifeing and falling into gaping holes etc.

    Not fair

  • bikerchic


    Why should our evil imaginations first doom us and then save us? Why does a perfect God change his mind about how to deal with us when we have not changed?

    Because HE can? Or; because in make believe fairytale storybooks you can do that........ Makes for a good plot to add twist and turns in the storyline, keeps the readers hooked. Hey it's worked for centuries don't knock it, you're just jealous cuz you can't write as well as those doG inspired creatons did! Oops my bad, bwhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • gumby

    Hey Kate...nice of you to pop in

    Because HE can?

    That I think, is the conclusion one must make since it at least doesn't fit a humans reasoning mentality. The jews humanised their god to one who makes mistakes, changes his mind, feels regret, etc. An almighty wouldn't have those limits...and if he had reasons for doing so, he'd more than likely tell his creation ...unless he got a kick out of seeing them wonder why he's so damn weird. He told those who wrote about him WHY he did what he did.....he can do the same for us if he's for real ( bible god that is)

    Gumby.....and tell the craigbastard I said hi.

  • jojochan

    Damn! Those pics used to give me such bad nightmares when was young. What was so funny my mom would read MY Book of Bible stories to me at bed time, then add her two cents in saying,"That's where the bad people go".


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