Here We GO - Can't Fade No More

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  • FairMind
    Now I am preparing to send a Baptism Nullification letter so I won't be disfellowshipped or disassociated

    Will this work or do they still take the same DA/DF action? Also, I'm sorry to hear about the turmoil you are in.

  • greendawn

    And they say that they shun the disfel/ed out of love, it is obviously a vindictive attitude and behaviour.

  • unique1

    Damn, Garybuss, I thought my parents were harsh. That is just crazy. Sorry man.

    Love the swimming kitty icon Fairmind. The letter should work for it threatens legal action against the local congregation if it doesn't. I will give it a month or so and let you know. The elders around here are kind of slow.

    Thanks everyone for the support. I will keep you all updated.

  • jwfacts

    Very sorry for you, it is so sad yet such a normal Witness response.
    It rarely works trying to get your baptism annulled, and even if it does you will probably be treated as d/f anyway. However it sounds like your family have already done that to you.
    Your best chance of getting an annullment is if you were baptised as a minor. However you can not have signed any other contracts with the WTS since you became an adult or they will not accept your annulment. If you have ever pioneered they are unlikely to accept it. Your letter needs to clearly state that any contract formed with the WTS (and quote the second baptism vow)is not binding as you were a minor. If you were over 15 when you were baptised it will be harder to get annulled.

  • LittleToe
    "We do love you unconditionally so does Jehovah, but as stated above, unconditional love is not without priorities, rules, boundaries and values."


    You should reply with this, and ask her to point out the glaringly obvious lack of logic in her statement. Don't point it out to her - just let her mull it over for herself. Less is more.

    Sorry you're going through this. The less you say the better, methinks. Let them draw their own conclusions and do what they want. You said your piece already. If the Elders come snooping round then remain silent and/or don't answer the door. Basically plead the fifth


  • Gretchen956

    So as you can see, unconditional love has conditions, how silly can you be not to see that??

    Gawd they are so ridiculous!

    Sorry you have to go through this with your family, but I'm glad you got to spend at least five extra years with them.


  • Balsam


    I was thinking about your folks, its weird when you think about it isn't it. On down the road when the end does not come and they both grow old they will still expect you to take care of them in their old age. I know if it were me I would tell them to make sure they are set in their old age because I'm done with them for good. They'd be on their own as far as care. The JW cong could take care of them, wiping their butts and feeding them.

    Even though they plan on shunning you and being an example to all the other JW who have kids who leave or are disf'ed. The other thing is that if the Baptism Nullification letter works and they basically make no announcement then it will be a great victory for you over the JW judical committee nonsense. If they don't comply you ought to go for suing them. I sure hope it works, because if it does your parents will fully use that loop hole to continue contact with you and hide it. The Elders may use your husband as the scape goat though and disfellowship him. He has the least amount to lose since he was fortunate enough to not be raised in the JW's. Hurrah for Billy helping you to stand up to those stupid rules.


  • unique1

    JWfacts. I had just turned 13 when I was baptized. I have only auxillary pioneered since then and only when living in my parents house. I never went to Bethel or anything else. So I think it should work. Thanks for the info. I will put it to good use.

  • RodentBoy

    unique1 wrote:

    We do love you unconditionally so does Jehovah, but as stated above, unconditional love is not without priorities, rules, boundaries and values.

    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

  • Sassy
    I plan on sending her the Websters dictionary definition of unconditional love. How screwed up do you have to be to look up a definition in the Awake instead of Websters?

    They don't know how to think outside of the definition of the Watchtower or Awake. That is the problem and why JWs are brainwashed

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