They have started to shun my JW wife!

by jwfacts 25 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DavidChristopher

    Makes me want a earring.LOL

  • Woodsman

    Well hang in there buddy with the shunning, if you weren't on the otherside of the rock I'd buy you a couple of pints.

  • kgfreeperson

    Congratulations on the incipient bambino!

  • sass_my_frass

    Give her time, space, and as much love as you can. It takes time to snap your mind into sense, do you remember? She'll love it when it happens, but it's a terrible time for her now. Be the one who is there for her.

    ((Mrs jwfacts)) and ((jwfacts)) too!

  • unique1

    Sorry that she is having to go through that. Simply Ridiculous! Maybe it will let her see what the kingdom arangement is truly about. If it were me, I would be confrontational. I would walk up to them and corner them into talking to me. I hope she is able to work it out. Best wishes.

  • joelbear

    fill your family's life with fun activities. simple ones. play board games, go to the zoo. make friends with another family on the street. keep busy busy busy having fun. this will greatly reduce the stress caused by her loss.

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